· February, 2009

Stories about Jordan from February, 2009

Arab World: Job Losses on the Way?

  11 February 2009

With news headlines spelling out economic doom as governments, companies and individuals continue to tighten their belts, bloggers across the Arab world jump on the bandwagon and ask: "Are job layoffs coming our way?"

Jordan: Whoever Wins in Israel, Palestinians Lose

  11 February 2009

“Whoever truly ends up winning the Israeli elections, whether through seats or the formation of a coalition government, one thing is for certain: Palestinians will be losing out,” writes Jordanian Naseem Tarawnah on the outcome of the Israeli elections.

Jordan: Fight in Parliament

  6 February 2009

“Another big fight took place between several members of the Jordanian Parliament today. I'm willing to give a 100-JD donation to whoever is willing to supply everyone of them with guns for the next fight. Seriously, we need to cut the number of members from 120 to nothing,” writes Jordanian...