· May, 2008

Stories about Israel from May, 2008

Israel: Knesset Freezes Talkback Law for Web-Comment Censorship

  14 May 2008

The Knesset has decided to freeze legislation regulating readers' ability to respond to articles via the so-called “Talkback Law”, in an effort to allow web sites to practice self-regulation. The Talkback Law, submitted by MK Israel Hasson (Yisrael Beiteinu), passed its preliminary reading. It would make web sites responsible for the talkbacks (user generated comments) of its readers as though they were articles of the site itself.

Morocco, Israel, and Palestine: A Unique History

  13 May 2008

Since the Nakba and Israel's claim of independence 60 years ago, Israel and Morocco have had an interesting relationship. Prior to the creation of an Israeli state, Morocco had a large, if not thriving, Jewish population. Here's what a few Moroccan bloggers have to say on this, the 60th anniversary of Israeli independence.

Global Voices partners with NewsTrust

  12 May 2008

Today marks the first day of a week-long 'news hunt' between Global Voices and NewsTrust, in search of good journalism on the Middle East. The timing of this partnership is particularly important as this week marks the 60th anniversary of Israel's founding, or what many Arabs refer to as 'Al-Nakba, or 'the catastrophe.' Iraq and Lebanon are also facing new escalations in their security situations as the region continues to make headlines around the world. Join us in rating our coverage on NewsTrust.

PangeaDay: an event lived worldwide

  12 May 2008

Pangea Day took place Saturday, and people from different parts of the world got together to watch movies and be a part of the worldwide event where movies, speakers and music showed us a bit of life on the other side of the globe, uniting people from all walks of life to believe that we aren't as different as we would believe. It also included a mobile video contest, with an international lineup of winners.

Palestine: Israel Trainee Diplomats Internet Brief

  9 May 2008

“The Israeli government's Foreign Ministry is involved in efforts to influence public opinion on the Internet. Israel's Foreign Ministry orders Internet propagandists, so called ‘trainee diplomats,’ to skew online polls and public forums to conform with the Israeli line,” writes Window Into Palestine.

Syria: No Golan Anniversary

  7 May 2008

“Remember the big PR campaign run by the Syrian government on the sad 40th anniversary of the illegal Israeli occupation of the Golan? Neither do I. To be fair, they only had 40 years to prepare and are probably saving their best efforts for an eventual 50th anniversary, so why...

Israel Dumping Raw Sewage on Palestinians

  2 May 2008

Talking about the “promise” 60 years ago of an Israel that will be “a light unto the nations,” Lebanese blogger Moussa Bashir links to a story about how Israeli settlements are dumping raw sewage into neighbouring Palestine.

Israel: Soaring Grain Prices Pain

From Israel, Stephanie complains about increasing food prices in this post. “We here in the Promised Land are also feeling the pain of soaring grain prices. According to Hebrew press reports, flour & cooking oil prices went up by 25%, pasta increased by 12.5%, chocolate by 10% and rice went...