· June, 2007

Stories about Israel from June, 2007

Israel: Quality Time

  14 June 2007

David Bogner from Israel writes about quality time he spent with his son one morning.

Israel: Who Next?

  14 June 2007

“(N)ow that they’ve finished slaughtering their Fatah foes, who do you think they will turn them on next?” writes Yael from Israel.

The Great Walls

  13 June 2007

Walls are continuing to spring up around the world, writes guest blogger Sokari on Sabbah's Blog, who discusses new and old walls which separate Iran from Pakistan, India from Pakistan, Palestine from Israel, Morocco from the Polisario front, the Spanish enclaves from the rest of Morocco and certain neighbourhoods of...

Israel: Gazans Call for Help

  13 June 2007

Israeli blogger Yael K notes that Gazans are seeking refuge from Israel to escape the in fighting between Hamas and Fatah in Palestine.

Israel: Election Results

  13 June 2007

Desert Peace from Israel gives us his two cents on the results of the Israeli elections. “Also Israel has, since an hour ago, a new President. Shimon Peres, a man who never was elected to any government position in his 50 year old political career was finally elected to a...

Israel: Hamas-Fateh Deathfest Continues

  12 June 2007

“The Hamas-Fatah deathfest continues in Gaza and elsewhere, with 17 people being killed since Monday morning. Today's tally so far: 3 dead, 14 wounded. Things are happening at a bloodcurdling pace, and it is very hard sometimes to keep track of all the terrorist vs terrorist goings on. Thus as...

Israeli Demockracy

  12 June 2007

“Tomorrow is 83 (almost 84) year old Shimon Peres's great day. He may finally win an election. That is if party discipline holds strong in the democratic secret ballot for Israel's President. Now, “party discipline holds strong in the democratic secret ballot.” Wow! That's an oxymoron in the lexicon of...

Arabeyes: Greedy Doctors, Cheating Spouses and Parliamentary Scuffles

  11 June 2007

Today's translation of Arabic blogs makes five stops: one each in Libya, Tunisia and Kuwait and two stops in Egypt to give us a gist of what some of the bloggers are writing about. Issues being discussed include how doctors put money before their patients' interests; cheating spouses; why Arabs are not progressing and the latest on why the Kuwaiti Parliament is in a shambles.

Israel: Jerusalem Pride, Democratic Shame

  10 June 2007

Gilad Lotan takes a look at what Hebrew bloggers have to say about a Pride Parade being planned in the holy city of Jerusalem. Should Gay Parades exist in Jerusalem? Should they be allowed to go ahead to enable minorities to have a voice in democratic Israel? Click to read more.

Isreal: Putting Differences Aside

  8 June 2007

Jewilicious puts aside its ideological differences with Kabobfest and notes: “However, earlier this week Fadi wrote about the upcoming Arab-American Anti-Discrimination committee’s annual convention in Washington DC this Saturday. Fadi expressed offense at the fact that Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein is set to accept the ADC Global Leadership Award...

Israel: Anticipating End of Term

  8 June 2007

Israeli blogger Yael is waiting for good news. “Someone please tell me that the end of the semester is in sight. I need assurances that the nightmare will end. There are many of my students that I like. There are many that I could happily beat across the country. And...

Israel: Hands off my Mouse!

  8 June 2007

Hands off my mouse, warns Israeli blogger Lisa Goldman, who provides an excellent review of what bloggers in her country are saying about a new bill which aims at restricting Internet access.

Israel: Hair Drive

  7 June 2007

Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata from Israel is proud his daughter cut her long hair and donated it for children who have lost their hair after cancer treatments.

Israel: First Day in the Army

  7 June 2007

“My daughter was drafted yesterday into the army. I thought there would be more fanfare – ceremonies, large crowds, music, speeches. There were just a few families there with their about-to-be-soldier daughters at the place where we were at in Jerusalem. “We (her father, boyfriend, sister and I) looked at...

Palestine: Israel Investigating Soldier

  7 June 2007

“Israel is Investigating soldier use of Palestinian human shields. Remember the video that showed some IOF using some Palestinian Youths as Human Shields in Nablus? Finaly, Israel is now investigating soldier for this crime. I have no doubt that the soldiers will face no charges or get sentence for such...

Israel: Torture for Prisoners

  7 June 2007

“Israel is now using methods of torture that makes the Dark Ages look civilised. In accordance with a High Court's approval of torture against Palestinians, the practice continues. One of the latest victims was fortunate enough to have his suffering get the attention of two local human rights groups; Physicians...

Egypt: Remembering POWs

  7 June 2007

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia pays tribute to her country's POWs from the Six-Day War with Israel here.

Israel: Food for Thought and Thoughts of Food

  5 June 2007

Food, whether it be descriptions of a favourite nosh (snack) or something you'd really prefer to never pass by your palette again, places to consume or acquire particular food items, preparations of said items, and what was occurring while food was being eaten, prepared, or just thought about provide frequent food for blogging content within the Israeli blogosphere, writes Yaeli.