· May, 2009

Stories about Iran from May, 2009

Iran: Movement of 1000 bloggers supports Mousavi for presidency

  6 May 2009

Supporters of two leading reformist presidential candidates, former prime minister Mir Hussein Mousavi and former parliament speaker, Mehdi Karroubi are using the internet, including blogs and Facebook, to beef up their chances of being selected as presidential candidates by the Guardian Council in June's election.

Iran: Eccentric candidates of the presidential election

  5 May 2009

More than 1000 candidates have registered online to be considered for presidential candidacy in the Iranian elections in June. All candidates have five days from today to appear at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior. After the registration is complete, the powerful 12-member Guardian Council decides who will run.

Iran: “Prisoner of Colours” is Executed

  5 May 2009

On Friday morning, Iranian authorities executed Delara Darabi, a 23 year-old woman, who was convicted for a murder at the age of 17 and held at the Rasht Central Prison for several years. Delara had earned notoriety as “the prisoner of colours” for her haunting paintings of prison life that were admired by many.

Iran:Delara Darabi Executed

  1 May 2009

Mohammad Mosatfai, an Iranian lawyer, informs [fa] us that Iran has executed a 23-year-old woman, Delara Darabi,for a crime committed when she was a 17 years old. Watch a video about Delara and her paintings here.

Iran:Iranian cartoonist talks about Obama

  1 May 2009

Nikahang Kowsar, an Iranian blogger,journalist and cartoonist, says: “It's not really easy to make fun of Obama as a person because although he has a sense of humour he is way ahead of most politicians we've seen in recent decade.” Watch his cartoon on Obama's 100 days.