· December, 2008

Stories about Iran from December, 2008

Iran: Images from Iran

  6 December 2008

Pars Arts has done an interview with Tom Loughlin a Colorado-based artist whose portraits of Iranians in Iran are being shown in a groundbreaking and thought-provoking installation across the United States.

Iran:Disaster in Gaza

  6 December 2008

Edalatkhaneh, an Iranian blogger, has published[fa] a report on economic disaster in Gaza Strip. The blogger says Israel's economic sanctions have made life very difficult for people living in this area and the world is silent about it.

Iran:How does the Guardian get its information?

  6 December 2008

Bepa09, an Iranian blogger, writes that an article in the UK based Guardian says about its source of information: according to Jahan News, a website considered close to Iran’s intelligence ministry. The blogger adds “the writer does not explain who says this site is considered close to Iranian intelligence.”

Iran: Film Festival Will Honor Jewish Actor

  5 December 2008

Iran's 27th Fajr International Film Festival will honor actor Paul Newman, who died this year, Israelity notes. In Israel, Newman's best known work is “Exodus,” the story of the State's founding.

Germany: Israel is Greatest Threat to World Peace

  3 December 2008

“According to a poll conducted by the European Union recently, in 2005, 65% of Germans consider Israel to be the greatest threat to world peace, ahead of Iran and North Korea,” Svetov writes on Jewcy. He adds: “Germany is the by far biggest European exporter to Achmadinejad's Iran. It is...

Iran: A Nation of Bloggers

  3 December 2008

Students at Vancouver Film School have created a beautiful animated video about the Iranian blogosphere that is making waves on the internet. See it here.

Iran: Five million dollars for filtering

  2 December 2008

According to several news site including Roozonline, Mahmoud Salarkia,a senior Iranian justice official, said that five million dollars (five billion tomans) are invested to develop new tools for filtering in Iran.