· January, 2008

Stories about Iran from January, 2008

GCC-Iran Relations Improving

  17 January 2008

Marc Lynch takes a closer look at the improving relationship between Gulf Arab states and Iran in this post, despite Bush's visit to the region. The Gulf Cooperation Council is made up of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

Iran:Photos of snowy winter and Pomegranates

  16 January 2008

Mohmmad Darvish, a leading environmentalist, has published several photos of pomegranates in snowy winter in Iran and says[Fa] Iran faces the coldest winter in last 60 years.The blogger adds climate change shows its real impact.

Iran:”Anti Iranian Series on Iranian TV!”

  16 January 2008

EarthSoldier says [Fa] that :”Setareh Soheyl” is “an anti Iranian series on Iranian TV” and it is produced in Iran. The blogger calls it worse than 300 movie.The blogger says in this series,Sassanid‘s soldiers were shown as very wild people who used to torture Muslim or non Muslim Arabs.

FreeAccess Plus!: Web 2.0 Censorship workaround

  14 January 2008

Based on Hamed Saber‘s “Access Flickr” Firefox extension, which enables users to circumvent the filter currently in effect in Iran and in few other countries that block Flickr, the popular photo-sharing website, another Iranian developer, MohammadR, has released “FreeAccess Plus!“, a nifty extension that turns Firefox into a proxy that...

Iran:Amputation of hands and feet

  13 January 2008

Darius Kadivar in Iranian.com blog writes that Nobel peace prize winner Shirin Ebadi protested against the amputation of hands and feet as a punishment in Iran, warning of “new dimensions” in rights violations.

Iran:”Each Shirt Says a Story”

  13 January 2008

Canada based Iranian blogger,illustrator and graphic designer, Pendar Yousefi, aka Legofish,presents the clothing as part of an epic saga: each design generated is accompanied and inspired by related Persian myths.Read more here and watch his designs here.

Iran:Mismanagement in Airport

  13 January 2008

Poshtebam has published several photos of Iranians who are waiting for several hours/days to take flight in Imam Khomeyni International Air port. The blogger writes that airport was really mismanaged.

Iran: Frozen!

  10 January 2008

Iran is facing an exceptionally cold winter. Snow has trapped many cities and at least eight people have lost their lives. Even gas supplies have been disrupted although Iran is the second richest gas country in the world. Millions of people are deprived of heating. Several bloggers have provided photos...

Iran:Remember Mehran Ghasemi

  10 January 2008

Several bloggers and journalists including Booyekhak talk[Fa] about Mehran Ghasemi,a 30 years old journalist,editor and blogger, whose death,because a heart attack, surprised a lot of people.

Iran:”Holy Ahmadinejad”

  9 January 2008

Kamangir writes,according to an Iran based news site,Aftab, “a few days ago,a large group of MPs were lined up in order to greet Iranian president,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in parliament. Some of the MPs who had not seen him since his return[Hajii pilgrimage] would touch his cloths [because they considered them blessed].One...

Iran:Frozen Rasht

  7 January 2008

Kourosh Ziabari who lives in Rasht,in the northern part of Iran, has published several photos of frozen city and nature.

Iran:Islamic Revolutionay Guards and Hillary Clinton

  7 January 2008

Haji Washingtonwrites [Fa] if US military's claim that American ships ‘threatened’ by Iranian Revolutionary Guards without any reason,is true,then Revolutionary Guards want Clinton wins against Obama. The blogger says when Clinton voted in the senate for the recognition of the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization, Obama criticized her for...

Iranian bloggers discuss Obama's Iowa victory

  6 January 2008

Several Iranian bloggers are discussing the victory of U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama in Iowa. It was the first nominating contest of the 2008 presidential election. Some rejoice in Obama’s victory, while others evaluate what impact “Obama as President” would have on Iranian political life. Farhad Afshar reflects on [Fa]...

Iran:A Plane Catches Fire

  6 January 2008

Shekkar [Fa],an Iran based blogger, was on board the Iran Air Fokker 100 which attempted to take off for Shiraz but ended up losing its landing gear and caught fire.Read English story here.

Iran:Snowy Tehran

  6 January 2008

Accroding to media,snow has paralysed several cities in northern and western parts of Iran.Here is a short film that shows snowy Tehran.