· September, 2006

Stories about Iran from September, 2006

Iran:Commercials and Women

  11 September 2006

Pouya says in USA-based Iranian channels, commercials about food products represent women in kitchen trying to serve husband, family and guests when these commercials’ targeted audiences are Iranian, Arabic or Armenian. The blogger says same commercials from same company represent women as active professional people when they target American audience...

Iran:Iranians in Lebanon Get no Money!

  11 September 2006

Kaariz said Iranians who lost their houses in Lebanon can not get any money from Hezbollah or Iranian government [Fa]. The blogger said he knows some people who get up to 18000 dollars from Hezbollah and now try to get 40,000 dollars from Lebanese government. Iranian in Lebanon got nothing....

Iran:Happy Persian Blogs Anniversary

  9 September 2006

Parsa Nevesht reminds us that 7th of September is the fifth anniversary of Iranian blogs [Fa]. At that day, Salman [Fa] published first blog in Persian and he explained what the meaning of a blog is.

Iran:Old Ayatollah

  8 September 2006

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, blogger and reformist politician says there is a problem that old officials do not retire. He reports about old Ayatollah Meshkini's,the head of the Assembly of Experts, last talk in the Assembly of Experts which is the most supreme governmental institution.Meshkini talked about the preference of lunar...

Talking with Jonathan Lundqvist, Swedish blogger about Iran

  6 September 2006

Jonathan Lundqvist is a Swedish blogger who visited Iran and shared with us his travel experience in his blog. By reading this we discover many interesting things about Iran such as how western magazines are censored in this country: Q: Please tell us about your thesis about Iran and your...

Iran: Unbearable lightness of statistics

  6 September 2006

Fallo Safah writes that in Iranian TV, the chairman of Iranian Parliament asked Minister of Road & Transportation ” to think methods to reduce statistics of accidents”. The blogger says in this country only statistics are important and according to them we are very happy people and there is no...

Interview with Mr. Behi, Iranian blogger

  5 September 2006

Mr. Behi is an Iran-based blogger from Tehran writing in English under a pseudonym. His blog has been mentioned several times in Global Voices and other media. He is a very busy young professional and found time to answer some of our questions between two trips. 1- Please present yourself...

Iran: Nasrallah was censored

  5 September 2006

According to Bamdad, Hassan Nasrallah's, Lebanese Hezbollah leader, interview was censored in Iran [Fa]. The blogger says the following part of his interview got censored ” I would not have ordered the capture of two Israeli soldiers if I had known it would lead to such a war“.

Iran: Bloggers want to debate with Ahmadinejad

  4 September 2006

Irane Emrouz invites Ahmadinejad to debate with five bloggers in Iran rather than hoping to debate with American President. The blogger says in Ahmadinejad's eyes everything is either white or black. According to the blogger, in Ahmadinejad's letters to Bush or others, people have no place and he just invites...

Iran: Khavaran Cemetary

  2 September 2006

Aroosak Kooki has published several photos of Khavaran Cemetery where some of the victims of summer 1988 mass executions in Iran, mostly from leftist political leanings are buried.