· May, 2006

Stories about Iran from May, 2006

Iran: Diplomacy & War

  17 May 2006

Rajabali Mazroi, reformist politician & blogger, says diplomacy is the best way to solve nuclear crisis. He writes that he does not agree with Iranian President's policy concerning nuclear issue. Blogger adds he believes USA and other big powers have not been on a right diplomatic path to negotiate with...

Iran: Dogs & Men

  16 May 2006

Sharh, a photoblog, has published a photo of two dogs and their owners. Blogger says having a dog can create opportunities to get new girl or boy friends in Iran.

Ahmadinejad's Letter & Tehran Book Fair

  16 May 2006

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's letter to his US counterpart, George Bush, has attracted a lot of attention in international media. Several leading journals such as Washington Post or Le Monde, in France, published letter and tried to analyze that. This 18 pages letter has been a hot topic among Iranian...

Iraq: Raed, Richard Perle, Iraq and Iran

  16 May 2006

Raed corners Richard Perle over Iraq and his support for “Iranian Chalabis” while out shopping. Perle gave Read his personal contact details and asked for information on any non-violent Iranian groups. If you know anybody, please tell Raed.

Iran: Terrorist Attack!

  15 May 2006

Sibestan writes about gunmen who have shot dead 12 people on a road in a remote part of south-eastern Iran. Blogger says these groups started to use same methods in Iraq and its effects will be visible even in Tehran soon (Persian). He adds terror is sign of cancer!

Iran: Feminist or Crazy?

  14 May 2006

Kalashnikov Digital has taken & published in his blog incredible photos of a woman without hijab or Islamic veil in Tehran. According to law it is forbidden to walk with out veil and you can be arrested and punished. Blogger asks he does not understand if she was feminist or...

Iran: Surprising Silence!

  12 May 2006

Bavar writes the most surprising thing concerning Ramin Jahanbegloo , jailed scholar & journalist, is the silence of Iranian intellectuals and organizations in country. He adds Iranian reformists do not want to pay any cost by defending somebody who does not belong to their political circle (Persian). Blogger ironically says...

Iran: Football & Politics

  12 May 2006

Faryadnameh says a few deputies in European Parliament have proposed not to let Iran participate in World Cup in Germany. According the blogger nuclear crisis is one of their reasons (Persian). Blogger adds fortunately German Chancellor, Mrs. Angela Merkel, make it clear that sport & politics are two separate issues.

Iran: Command Economy!

  11 May 2006

Ali Mazroi, reformist politician & blogger, says Iranian economy is a command economy where government controls 80% of it. Blogger adds according to statistics 20 percent of Iranian households receives 48% of national income (Persian).

Iran: One Government, One Media

  11 May 2006

According to IraneFarda, Iranian government tries to put all three major news agencies, (ISNA, ILNA & IRNA), on the same political path to back government. Blogger says many journalists have already been fired on ILNA and directors were changed in two other agencies (Persian).

Iran: Books & Iranians

  10 May 2006

Abtahi, cleric blogger, says in International Tehran Book Fair, he talked with several editors and writers. Blogger writes, it seems previous years psychological books were the best sellers. This year, “how to become successful” books are on the top of the list (Persian).

Jahanbegloo, a Scholar in Jail & Islamic Dress

  9 May 2006

Several bloggers talked about why and how Dr.Ramin Jahanbegloo, a Canadian- Iranian scholar & journalist, was arrested. Some bloggers have started different activities to help him out or at least, let people know what is going on in Tehran. Jahanbegloo has been charged having “relations with foreigners” by government. Toronto...

Iran: Embargo & Scientists!

  9 May 2006

Habahoot Natamam, says recently scientific magazines (in the West) started to reject scientific articles written by Iranians (Persian). He adds articles are sent back by editor to writers without any scientific judgement. Blogger concludes maybe hidden embargo against Iran has already started.

Iran: Free Osanloo!

  7 May 2006

Aknoun va Inja reports about a letter which is written by more than four hundred political and cultural personalities, to ask government for Mansour Osanloo's, bus syndicate leader, freedom (Persian). From this letter we learn Osanloo has already been in an isolated cell for four months without have any right...

Iran: Books & Copyright

  6 May 2006

Kamangir says Tehran International Book Fair is one the most important events in a Tehrani student's life in the spring. Blogger adds even though, students get free coupons to pay almost half, buying an original book would be your last option. A thick technical book in Tehran is sold for...

Iran: Shirin Ebadi on War

  5 May 2006

Abtahi, reformist politician, blogger & cleric, says Shirin Ebadi, Peace Nobel Prize laureate, in a press conference, has condemned any military intervention in Iran. Abtahi writes he, of course, expected such words from Mrs. Ebadi, but he does not understand why she boycotted presidential election? Did not she think with...

Iran: Ganji & Golden Pen

  4 May 2006

According to Freedom for Ganji blog, Akbar Ganji, writer and journalist who was released from jail recently, received Golden Pen Prize of Freedom of Speech in Tehran. According to blogger, Ganji said in a county where civil society has no meaning and government has not recognised private sphere, everything becomes...

Iran: Women & Labour Market

Hamed Ghoddusi in his Hot Cuppa blog talks about a new coming wave in Iranian labour market. He says a new wave of entering into the market by women in the next few years would be expected. Blogger adds this wave is the result of rapid increase of women’s share...

Iran: Peace Seekers

  3 May 2006

In Peace seekers blog we read that three Iranian journalists and an Iranian photographer wanted to walk from Iran to Germany. According to this blog, these people wanted to be in Germany at the moment of World Cup inauguration.They wanted to bring a peace message from Iran to the world...

Iran: A Leading Intellectual Under Arrest

  3 May 2006

Shahram Kholdi, a UK based blogger & academic, reports” through a few contacts in Tehran, now, I am able to inform you that Dr. Ramin Jahanbegloo has been “missing” for quite a few days. I still hope that this news is nothing but a rumour and is not true, and...