· December, 2005

Stories about Iran from December, 2005

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  7 December 2005

Roj Bash! As finals are fast approaching, today's post is going to be a little shorter than normal, here's the weekly run-down: Kurdo from Kurdo's World addresses the credibility of some Kurdish news websites. Kardox reports that former Israeli special forces are training Kurds in Iraq. Reports about unrest in...

Iran: More risk in air

7 December 2005

According to Baztab (an Iran based popular news site), many experienced managers and specialists in air industry were recently replaced by new faces without any experience. Baztab continues that this changing in industry can create more insecurity and risk for airplanes. (Persian)

Iran:Many Killed in Plane Crash!

6 December 2005

Webgardian wrties according to BBC and Fars news ( Link in Persian), An Iranian military plane with 94 people on board has crashed into a building in a heavily built-up suburb of the capital Tehran. Many of passengers were journalists and reporters.

Iran: A research Project

6 December 2005

A Canadian graduate student is conducting a research project about Iranian weblogging. He is interested in the issues of blog-audience and censorship. Survey is in English & Perisan.

Iran: Sanctioning of Iran by Iranians

5 December 2005

Golbarg Bashi say, if we do not support and nourish our fellow secular and religious women inside Iran, there won't be anyone left who will care and fight for the rights of the most dispossessed in Iran.

Iran: Free Books in Persian

2 December 2005

Farsibooksonline is a blog which offers free download for many books in Persian. We can find different subjects in this category: Poetry, Economic, Social issues,….(Link in persian)

Iran: Iranian Blogsphere

1 December 2005

Hoder suggests that there are over 700,000 blogs in Persian out there which doesn't include those hosted on international servers such as Google's blogspot etc.

Iran: Thank you Mr. President

1 December 2005

Pasdar (means guard or revolutionary guard) published Mr. Rezai's, former leader of Pasdaran (Revolutionary guards), letter to Iranian President. Rezai said that we now show the west we don't retreat on nuclear issues and he thanked Ahmadinejad for his policy regarding to western countries.(Link in Persian)

Iran: Free Samininejad!

1 December 2005

Sarzamine Aftab ( means Sun land) (link in Persian) writes about jailed blogger, Samininejad (link in English), who must stay in prison for two more years. Sarzamine Aftab says other bloggers were released from prison because they were famous . Samininejad is all alone and we must back him.