· November, 2005

Stories about Iran from November, 2005

Iran: Tehran's Metro

16 November 2005

Zehne Abi, an Iran based blogger, says it is unbelievable thatRafsanjani's son position as General Manager (call it boss) of Tehran's metro has been confirmed. Zehne Abi writes everybody knows about corruption, mismanagment and even collapsing of one part of metro's roof under his rule!!

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  16 November 2005

New this week…. Kurdo from Kurdo's World was interviewed by The Kurdistani, a Kurdish news agency posting out of the United Kingdom. Kurdo's World is considered as the first Kurdish blog that has focused on Kurdish political issues. After his blog has achieved a measureable amount of success, he started...

Iran: Save Heritage

14 November 2005

Shahram Kholdi says the Centre for the Defence of Human Rights, led by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi , has taken legal action against the ministries of Oil and Energy for the protection of Pasargadae historical heritage site (this is not the actual ruins of the Pasargadae palaces,...

Iran: Flight Plan

13 November 2005

New Wave, an Iran based blogger, introduces newest films in US. He talks about Jodie Foster's, Flight Plan and 11th September influence on this movie: Insecurity in airports links to Middle Eastern people's presence. (Persian)

Iran: Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

12 November 2005

Sooratak invites people to visit Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art where many western masterpieces are exposed. Blogger writes that this collection was bought more than 27 years ago and it can be considered one of the world's top art collections. (Persian)

Iran: Join WTO!

11 November 2005

Golbang says Saudi Arabia has become a new member of World Trade Organization. Blogger asks when Iran will become a member. Among 191 United Nations members only 42 countries are not members including Iran. Golbang adds that Iran is losing opportunities.

Iran: Ahmadinejad's Ministers

11 November 2005

Jamile Kadiver, a former deputy in Iranian parliament a London based blogger, writes: Ahmadinejad's choices for his Ministers are based on friendship neighbourhood & family ties rather than their qualification and experience. Ahmadinejad had promised during election to bring new elites to goverment! (Persian)

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  9 November 2005

Well it has been a busy week in the Kurdish Blogosphere. Perhaps the most startling is the infighting between the members of the group blog the Kurdistan Bloggers Union. Having been a prominent blog for over a year, KBU has spawned a forum and a news site, however lately disagreements...

Iran: Riots in France

9 November 2005

Mr.Behi writes: At the moment, Iranian government is really anti-western in attitude and they are very pissed off that France together with other countries condemned Ahmadinejad for his speech. As a result, Iranian media is trying to show that there are peaceful Muslims that have the right to fight and...

News about Iranian Blogs: Filtering, New book and Ramadan

8 November 2005

In Iran, government is privatising filtering! A company, “Delta Global”, gets exclusivity from Iranian government to impose filtering on virtual world. Irony of story is that American softwares are used to block Iranian sites & blogs! American companies say that Iran uses their softwares without permission or payment. Probably Iranian...

Iran: TV False News

8 November 2005

Hanif Mazroi writes that Iranian TV broadcasts false news. Recently Iranian TV reported that US Foreign Affairs asked for Akbar Ganji to be liberated and US thanks for all Ganji has done. Blogger says TV wants to give this image that Ganji was a spy! (Persian)

Iran: Open Letter to President

7 November 2005

Kaskol Haji who presents himself as a faithful person to Islamic Republic wrote an open letter to Ahmadinejad. Haji mentioned raising prices of some products by goverment has disappointed many who voted Ahmadinejad. (Persian)

Iran: Woman Working Hours

7 November 2005

According to director of Center for Women & Family, Women's work hour will be reduced. Then they can spend more time in their families. Sooratak say that women will be more at their husbands’ service. (Persian)

Iran: Woman Banned in Virtula World

6 November 2005

Iranian Feminist Tribune was filtered too. “We, the women, are forbidden products in real world of society, now we are banned in virtula world too.” (Persian)

Iran: Ahmadinejad on Palestinian TV

  3 November 2005

Rooznamenegar No ( which means New Journalist in Persian) says that Palestinian official TV was really indifferent to Ahmadinejad's anti Israel speech. He says Palestinian TV just reported comments from all over the world about Ahmadinejad's speech.

Iran: National Interest

3 November 2005

Hanif Mazroi, Iran based journalist, says one of the most essential principles in a country's Foriegn Policy is preserving national interest. He adds, “now look at conservatives in power in Iran. One thing that they don't care is national interest.“(Persian)

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  2 November 2005

New in Kurdish cyberspace is the announcement of a new Kurdish news agency called Firat News, while there is some critism from some Kurds, as it is currently published in Turkish, it still is an exciting venture for those in Northern Kurdistan (Southeast Turkey). Plans for news in Kurdish are...

Grand Ayatollah Reads Blogs

  2 November 2005

Last week something extraordinary happened in the Persian blogging community. Mohammad Abtahi, a former vice-president of Iran and an enthusiastic blogger was visiting the eighty-something dissident Grand Ayatollah Montazeri in Qom, a religious city south of Tehran. “How is Mr Abtahi's blog doing,” the Grand Ayatollah jokingly asks during a...

Iranian Bloggers Write about Ahmadinejad's Speech & Israel

1 November 2005

Ahmadinejad’s speech about Israel created a lot of emotions and reactions around the world. Iranian president said that Israel must be wiped from map! According to President “With God’s help we will experience a world without USA and Israel”! UN Security Council condemned Iran and World’s Media is still talking...