· October, 2005

Stories about Iran from October, 2005

Iran: Iranian Photoblog

8 October 2005

Nader Davoodi has just launched one of the first fully English Iranian Photoblogs. Davoodi's work can best be described as documentary, he aims to artistically capture important moments in everyday life rather than merely document.

Iran: University Discrimination

7 October 2005

Farid Pouya says that few religious minorities’ deputies in Iranian Parliament asked Ahmadinejad and his Minister of Science explanation about discrimination against students who belong to another religion than Islam.

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  5 October 2005

Here is a quick update of the lastest in the Kurdish Blogosphere: Cultural As mentioned on a previous installment the death of Kurdish singer Merziye Feriqi has left the Kurdish community in mourning. Recently on the blog From Holland to Kurdistan an anonymous Kurd sent a heartfelt memorial article to...

Iranian Bloggers and Nuclear Question: No More Crisis Please!

5 October 2005

Iranian state wants, at any price, continues its nuclear program including uranium enrichment. This enrichment can help Iran to get a nuclear bomb in coming years. US and Europe want at any price persuade Iran to stop its enrichment program. Iran & Iranian can face sanctions and many Iranian fear...