· February, 2008

Stories about Egypt from February, 2008

Egypt: Kudos to Al Jazeera

  15 February 2008

“Kudos to Jazeera for condemning the recently announced “ethical charter” for Arab satellite stations,” writes The Arabist from Egypt.

Egypt: When Violence Against Women is Acceptable

  15 February 2008

“Here is the typical misogynist argument we have to fight against everyday. Human rights and feminist NGOs aim at destroying family morality because they want women to report their abusive family members to the police!!” writes a cynical Hatshepsut from Egypt.

Egypt: Free Moroccan Fouad Mourtada

  15 February 2008

“The arrest and brutal treatment of Fouad Mourtada, the young man who create a fake Facebook profile of Morocco’s Prince Moulay Rachid, is a sad testimony to the fact that things have not changed as much as the regime would like you to believe in Morocco,” notes The Arabist, from...

Middle East: Protesting Love

  15 February 2008

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but in the Middle East, the debate still continues on whether it is an occasion which should be celebrated or shunned. With both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait warning against Valentine's Day celebrations, bloggers had a lot to talk about.

Egypt: Kissing Women Picture

  15 February 2008

Egypt's Sandmonkey posts a picture here of two women kissing each other, which sparks a debate – around 110 comments and counting so far.

Egypt: On Abortion

  13 February 2008

“my friend, who is very liberal & believes so much in individual personal rights believes that abortion should be rightfull,” writes FreeSoul from Egypt.

Egypt: Copts on Al Jazeera

  13 February 2008

“Al-Jazeera English ran some rare incisive coverage of Coptic issues in Egypt a few days ago, good questions from the interviewer (notably on the census and church-building) with interesting interventions by Michael Mounir, the prominent US-based Coptic activist,” notes The Arabist, from Egypt, and links to the video here.

Egypt: On Winning the African cup of Nation, Ghana 2008

  13 February 2008

Ask any Egyptian, he’d tell you that last Sunday night, February the 10th, wasn’t like any night.. a night like “thousand nights”.. Egypt won the African Cup of Nations in Ghana 2008 after a fierce match with Cameron 1-0. A marvelous score in a beautiful ditto between Abu Tarika and Zeidan. Egypt won.. Celebrations was almost every where on each and every street in Egypt, as well as in many other Arab countries.

Egypt: New Limits on Satellite TV

  10 February 2008

Last week, during discussion with a fairly senior Egyptian journalist, I was told that the Egyptian Ministry of Information had just finished a preparing a new “code of ethics” in order to puts limits on what satellite TV stations could broadcast, especially when the topic was political in nature, writes...

Egypt: Syrian Blogger Still in Prison

  7 February 2008

From Egypt, Elijah Zarwan writes: “Syrian blogger Tariq Biassi, 22, is still detained, apparently without charge or trial, in Damascus’ notorious Palestine Branch detention center. Syrian Military Intelligence officers arrested him from Tartous on June 30 after he insulted the security services in a blog post.”

Israel: One Wall Down, a New Reality in the Middle East

  5 February 2008

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians poured into the Egyptian side of Rafah as the wall on the Egypt-Gaza border was brought down by Hamas over a week ago. Egyptian attempts to revert the situation to its previous state where they hold little or no responsibilities, have failed. Many bloggers have been writing about this new reality in the Middle East, having immense implications on both Egyptian politics and Israeli security.

Middle East: Internet Outage Enrages Bloggers

  1 February 2008

What is a blogger without access to the Internet? This was the dilemma facing tens of thousands of bloggers in parts of the Middle East and Asia, after an optical cable in the Mediterranean was damaged, crippling millions of Internet users. No surprise, some of the region's bloggers were fuming especially when they realised that it could take up to two weeks to fix the damage.

MENA: Let it Snow ..

  1 February 2008

After a lull in the weather, it's back to cold and snow in some parts of the Middle East and North Africa. This time, bloggers were better equipped and had their cameras on standby.

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