· January, 2008

Stories about Egypt from January, 2008

Egypt: America Decides

  14 January 2008

The United States is a the only Super Power in today's Unipolar World. And that's why it takes people here two years to talk about the Presidential Elections there before it even starts, and they continue talking about it for another two years later, writes Tarek Amr, who brings us the latest buzz from the Egyptian blogosphere on the elections, the presidential race and the candidates.

Egypt: From Blogs to Books

  13 January 2008

Many bloggers maybe revolting against mainstream media and traditional publishing by embracing new technology. In Egypt, the written word is finding its home again in books. Tarek Amr shows how some bloggers are turning into authors ahead of the Cairo Book Fair in this post he has translated from Arabic.

Egypt: Chinese Goods

  10 January 2008

Chinese goods are swamping markets worldwide. Egyptians now have to deal with roving Chinese salesmen and women knocking on their doors. Tarek Amr brings us the story.

Iran:”Blaming USA and Israel for everything”

  5 January 2008

Jomhour ,Iran based blogger,says[Fa] some fundamentalists in Islamic world consider USA and Israel are responsible for what happens in their societies.The blogger is surprised to learn that some in Egypt consider USA-Israel, are even responsible for the homosexuality in their societies.

Abu Aardvark: Control of Bloggers ‘Predictable’

  3 January 2008

Abu Aardvark discusses campaigns to free jailed Arab bloggers in this post. “What's happening to Arab bloggers was entirely predictable: their increasing visibility and political influence (at home and abroad) drew the attention of security services, which began to push back and try to regain control,” he writes.

Arabeyes: Have a Spectacular New Year!

  3 January 2008

New Year's is the time to reflect on the past and make new resolutions for the future. What are bloggers from the Arab world saying as the world bids 2007 farewell and welcomes 2008?

Egyptian judiciary grants electronic publications rights

  3 January 2008

Blogger Wael Abbas writes about the Egyptian court's decision to grant online publications – including blogs – the same freedom as print media. Wael reposted the text of the ruling, the final paragraph of which says (Ar): إذ أن حجب موقع بالصحافة الاليكترونية هو من ذات جنس حظر صحيفة مكتوبة...

Egypt: lawsuit demanding the websites banning is rejected

  3 January 2008

Judge Abdel Fattah Mourad, who requested the ban of 51 blogs and websites deemed insulting the state’s dignity and threatening Egypt’s interests, has lost his case. On December 29, 2007, the Administrative Judicial Court rejected the lawsuit and ruled in favor of freedom of speech on the Internet.

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