· October, 2007

Stories about Middle East & North Africa from October, 2007

Jordan: Plea to Help Family

  31 October 2007

Ola Eliwat from Jordan appeals to readers to dig deep into their pockets to help a family whose house in Baqa'a Camp was destroyed in a fire.

Palestine: People Starving

  31 October 2007

“Can i just say i m sick and tired of sitting here studying while knowing that people in Gaza don't have anything to eat?” asks Palestinian blogger Al Falasteenyia.

Oman: Fifth Radio Station

  31 October 2007

With four radio stations competing for the airwaves in Oman, Sleepless in Muscat wonders whether a fifth station would be ‘too much.’

Syria: Patriotism or Stupidity?

  31 October 2007

“Some people in the Middle East have a problem, they mistake patriotism for stupidity and end up justifying the worst and most obscene injustice,” writes Syrian blogger Wassim.

Jordan: Political Money and the Elections

  31 October 2007

Jordanian blogger Batir Wardam discusses his skepticism with Jordan's democratic political progress in this post (Ar). Is there political money fueling his country's campaigning for seats in the Parliament .. or it is just money?

Iran:Student Protest

  30 October 2007

According to[Fa] Salam Democrat blog, students demonstrated today in Alameh University in Tehran.The students asked that jailed students get freed.The blogger says seven other students were arrested today.

Jordan: First Wifi Street

  30 October 2007

Al Wakalat Street, Jordan first pedestrian zone, is now also Jordan’s first municipal WiFi zone, announced Jordanian blogger Ahmad Humeid.

Israel: Junior Academic Staff Join Strike

  30 October 2007

“The Junior academic staff have joined in with the Senior staff to have a one-day solidarity strike today. Many thanks for the support!” reports Israeli blogger Yael.

Israel: New Design Blog

  30 October 2007

A new blog on design and aesthetics has been launched by Israeli blogger Ziva. Husband Harry makes the announcement here.

Egypt: Free Women

  30 October 2007

Egypt Guy from Egypt posts this video by Egyptian Ahmed Sharif which calls for the freedom of women from religious associations.

Kuwait: Fifa Suspends Kuwait

  30 October 2007

“The Kuwait Football Association has been suspended with immediate effect from all international football activities until further notice on account of government interference,” writes Kuwaiti blogger Forza.

Egypt: Roukana Hamour's Plight

  30 October 2007

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia sheds light on the plight of Syrian blogger Roukana Hamour, who is being harassed by authorities.

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