· July, 2007

Stories about Middle East & North Africa from July, 2007

Jordan: Light Sentence for Murderer

  31 July 2007

Jordanian Natasha Tynes is having difficulties understanding why a Jordanian court halved the sentence of a man accused of murdering his own daughter.

Palestine: Power Games

  31 July 2007

Palestinian blogger Ramzi breaks his silence to give us an overall view of politics in the Middle East here.

Kuwait: Summer Party

  31 July 2007

Lebanese Maze, who lives in Kuwait, travelled to Jordan and shows us how people party in summer.

Global Voices in Persian Takes off

Global Voices in Persian finally takes off officially. It started its first baby steps in June and a few of its translations have already been republished on a few sites including a very popular one, Gooya.com and the Iranian Digg,Balatarin. On good days we get around 350 hits and 250...

Arabeyes: Singers Banned in Syria and Terrorist Arabs at All Airports

  31 July 2007

A number of female Arab singers have been banned from singing in Syria - to put a limit to moral corruption. In another development, Arabs seem to be targeted at airports around the world, even in their own homes, where they are being treated like terrorists. These are just two of the conversations taking place in Arabic blogs this week.


  31 July 2007

Iraq's national football team won the Asian Cup, an event which brought joy to Iraqis at home and around the world. Sufferings, death, sectarian divisions and repercussions against Iraqis celebrating abroad were also captured in the reactions rounded up by Salam Adil from the Iraqi blogosphere.

Iran:The hidden meaning of Harry Potter

  30 July 2007

Mohammad Ali Abtahi says that the important and hidden meaning of Harry Potter is not in its magical events. The most important point in this historical event is that it is possible to convey a message to the world.

Iran:How To Talk The Talk With Iran

  30 July 2007

William Beeman,Professor of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota,says face-to-face talks between Iran and the United States have a good chance of success if the Bush administration knows how to handle their part of the exchange.Some denizens of Washington are under the mistaken impression that the Americans can dictate the...

Iran:Selling a Kidney

  30 July 2007

Irane Emrouz has published a photo where we can see a couple of “advertisements” about selling kidneys in Iran.It seems poverty push many people to offer their kidneys to get money.

Jordan: Sexual Diseases

  29 July 2007

Jordanian Hareega has been transfered to the sexually transmitted diseases clinic – as a doctor- and has spilled some beans here. Hareega works in the US.

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