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Stories about Middle East & North Africa from January, 2006

Bus Strike & Bloggers in Israel

  31 January 2006

Iranian bus drivers tried to start a strike on Saturday for better work conditions and liberation of their syndicate leader. A one event blog, Otobos1 (Otobos means bus in Persian), was launched by supporter(s) of bus syndicate to cover strike news . Otobos1 (Persian) asked others including Iranian bloggers to...

Iran: Hunger Strike!

  30 January 2006

According to Paiz, Nederland based blogger & human right activist, several of arrested bus drivers started a hunger strike (Persian). Hundreds of bus drivers and workers got arrested on Saturday before starting their strike for better work conditions and liberation of their syndicate leaders.

Iraq: Mosul Library

  29 January 2006

A Star From Mosul starts a campaign “to collect books for the out-of-date libraries in Mosul University in Iraq.” Aunt Najma is asking for: • Donations of money • books from their wishlist • supscriptions to magazines for the university • a call for different universities to hold drives in...

Iraq: Security Meltdown

  29 January 2006

Nibras Kazimi posts more on the backroom deals to form the next Iraqi government. Significantly, he reports that there is a security meltdown in Baghdad. “There has been a spike in non-terrorist related violent crime lately throughout Baghdad … a third of Baghdad’s sprawling mass is almost totally lawless.”

Iran: Perisan Blog & Israel

  29 January 2006

Hoder informs us that first blog in Perisan has been launched by an Iranian from Israel. Blog's name is Cafe Guisbourg and talks about blogger's daily life in Tel Aviv.

Turkey is Typing…

  28 January 2006

This week's post will be shorter than normal, please bare with me…. Turkish Torque celebrates his 1000th post this week, congratulations! Ugur has translated an excellent article about how the media and entertainment world is destroying Turkish culture and comments on rumors of Muslim reformation. He also writes about the...

We Love Cooking!

  28 January 2006

#1: All Indian food does NOT taste the same! From the UK, We all live downstream explains this popular belief that find its roots in the lack of adventurous spirit of some when executing this natural, vital and recurrent activity. What kind of Indian food do you get when you...

Iran: 350 Bus Workers Arretsed!

  28 January 2006

According to Danshamouzaen Mobarez (means Fighting Students) more than 350 bus drivers & workers, who wanted to start general strike today, got arrested (Persian). Some other drivers were beaten by security forces and got forced to drive their buses. Several leading members of Bus Syndicate had already been arrested.

Iraq: Drowning in Rain

  28 January 2006

Baghdad Dweller posts some photographs of the rain-swept streets in Baghdad “Millions Dollars spent on “Iraq reconstruction” and the situation as you see in the pictures.“ He also links to the list of Iraqi academics that have been killed, threatened or kidnapped. “Iraqis without exception will not benefit from assassinating...

Iran: Enemy is China!

  27 January 2006

Sadetar az Ab (means more simple than water), an Iran based blogger, says neither US nor Israel is Iran's enemy but China. Bloggersays more and more Iranian national companies bankrupted because of made in China products (Persian).

Palestine: Hamas Won!

  27 January 2006

A lot of reactions to Hamas winning elections in Palestine. Nas summaries some of these, then talks about after-shock. Shaden says, “that’s what Palestinians inside want, you either support them or not but don't think you have the right to choose for them“, Khalaf writes about the implications on Jordan,...

Syria: Blog Censorship in Syria

  27 January 2006

The Syrian Domari (Arabic) yesterday became the first blog to be censored in Syria. Syria Mirror reported today that the Syrian Computer Society, one of two government-owned internet service providers in Syria, has blocked access to the Syrian Domari. The unprecedented move comes two months after anonymous bloggers (Arabic) launched...

Iraq: Konfused Kid

  27 January 2006

Konfused Kid publishes a couple of posts that did not make it to his NY Times blog. Here is a taster: “all of a sudden, people started to scuttle inside their shops and cars- not from a nearby explosion like u usually see them run away from but this time...

Iran: Blogger in Jail!

  27 January 2006

Arash Sigarchi is a journalist with Irane ma, an Iran based Persian online journal and a blogger. First Arash was arrested and charged with insulting the leader, collaborating with the enemy, propaganda against the Islamic State and encouarging people to jeopardize national security. He stayed in jail for 60 days...

Iran: Bus Strike Again!

  26 January 2006

According to webgardian, bus drivers in Tehran will start a new strike on Saturday. They protest against imprisonement of their syndicate leader, Mr.Asdanlou. It seems several other syndicate responsibles have been asked to go to court.

Iraq: Raeds Roadmap

  26 January 2006

Raed Jarrar has updated his three-point Roadmap for an American exit from Iraq. Parts of which has gained the interest of Noam Chomsky. Raed writes, “If any of the occupation governments really believed in democracy, freedom, and the right of Iraqis to rule themselves, here are the three simple steps...

Iraq: Back To Iraq is Back

  26 January 2006

Journalist and blogger Christopher Allbritton is returning to Iraq after a long break. He wonders ho much longer he can carry on after so many of his friends have been kidnapped or killed. Christopher has also upgraded his technology plans to post regular podcasts.

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

  26 January 2006

Welcome to my first weekly blog on Global Voices Online reviewing the Iraqi blogs. There are many and the variety makes it one of the most interesting areas to report on. As this is my first post I still need time to familliarise myself with all the bloggers out there....

Libya: Ghadames

  25 January 2006

Highlander says that the Libyan city of Ghadames is renowned for its unique style of architecture, traditions and culture. Amongst these interesting traditions is the one found in a typical Ghadames home where a small peephole is made into the front door. A visitor would look through it inside the...

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  25 January 2006

As reported by the Kurdistan Blog Count several new Kurdish blogs in English were found. The first of which Talk about the Passion is actually written by an American going to teach for the next six months in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. While he has just started teaching there, he has...

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