· April, 2005

Stories about Middle East & North Africa from April, 2005

Interview with Riverbend about her book

  28 April 2005

Alternet has an interview with Riverbend, the “Girl Blogger from Iraq.” An excerpt: Lakshmi Chaudhry: Let's start with the obvious: why did you start writing a blog? The first person to encourage me to write a blog was Salam Pax of “Where is Raed?.” After the war he suggested I...

Bahrain Imposes Web Site Registration Requirement; Bloggers Worried

  26 April 2005

Bahrain's Ministry of Information is requiring all Bahraini Web sites – hosted inside or outside the country – to register with the Ministry. Webmasters will be legally responsible for content on their sites, and face prosecution under the country's Press and Publications law for failing to register. The OpenNet Initiative...

Banned Iranian Reporter Turns to Weblogs

  11 April 2005

Iranian regime is the best promoter of weblogs. The latest example is Massih (Masoumeh) Alinejad, the parliament correspondent for reformist newspapers who was banned from the parliament building last week because of the troubles she had made for hardliner MPs. It took 80 signs to oust her who had revealed...

Neila Charchour Hachicha: Blogging for Tunisian freedoms

  8 April 2005

As the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) prepares to hold its second summit in Tunis this coming November, some Tunisian bloggers are doing what they can to call attention to the lack of freedom of speech in Tunisia. Global Voices received the following email from Tunisian political activist...

The view from Riyadh – Saudi Jeans

  6 April 2005

Ahmed, a pharmacy student in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, maintains the excellent “Saudi Jeans”, a link blog that looks and feels a little like Scripting News, if only Dave Winer lived in the Middle East and read dozens of Arabic newspapers every morning. In between posts on everything from the role...

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