· March, 2012

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from March, 2012

Puerto Rico: “National Day of Salsa” in the Conservatory

  26 March 2012

The Puerto Rican Conservatory of Music joins the National Day of Salsa celebration in the island. This year, the singer Cheo Feliciano and the singer and trumpet player Jerry Medina participated along with students from the Department of Caribbean Jazz and Music. Wilma Colón shares photos of the event.

Puerto Rico: “My Favorite Bars”

  24 March 2012

The music blog Mala Vida Buena Música [es] (Bad Life, Good Music) explains why La Respuesta in Santurce, a neighborhood in the capital city of San Juan, is one of their favorite bars in the island.

Puerto Rico: Happy Birthday

  23 March 2012

The feminist blog Mujeres en Puerto Rico is celebrating [es] its third anniversary: “This year will bring important moments for this country's women. If life permits it, we will be here. With you.”  

Puerto Rico: New Podcast on Legal Issues

  23 March 2012

The blog Derecho al Derecho has launched a podcast to discuss legal issues. In the first episode [es], legal scholars Erika Fontánez Torres and Hiram Meléndez Juarbe talk about the “legitimacy of the judicial branch and the critique of judicial institutions.”

Puerto Rico: An Archipelago of Indie Music

  22 March 2012

The music blog Puerto Rico Indie has launched their first video series titled Archipiélago (Archipelago). The series aims to document the local independent music scene on the island. Global Voices presents Archipiélago's three first recorded sessions with the bands Campo-Formio, Mima, and Tach.dé.

Puerto Rico: The New Greece?

  18 March 2012

The financial analyst Cate Long, in her blog on Reuters.com, highlights the similarities between Greece's and Puerto Rico's economies. Her column became a target of attacks by the governor of Puerto Rico's, Luis Fortuño, administration. Social networks and blogs amplified the debate about the Caribbean island's fragile economy.

United States: Errors During the Republican Campaign

  15 March 2012

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are not only competing to become the Republican candidate who will face Barack Obama this coming November, but also for whom commits the greater number of errors in a speech or interview. In his recent visit to Puerto Rico Santorum declared that speaking English was a prerequisite for it to become the 51st state.

Intercontinental Cry Will Launch Spanish Edition

  13 March 2012

Ahni announces the upcoming Spanish edition of Intercontinental Cry [es], which will go live on March 31, 2012. “The main objective of IC Espanol is, of course, to provide Spanish readers with the same news that our English readers have come to expect from us; what I consider to be...

Puerto Rico: Gender and Causality

  6 March 2012

Guillermo Rebollo Gil offers a legal analysis [es] on the media framing of the murder of women victims of intimate partner violence.

Puerto Rico: “Why So Much Fear of an Image?”

  5 March 2012

Photojournalist Ricardo Alcaraz publicly denounced that the University of Puerto Rico censored one of his photos from a photo essay he was preparing for the 25th anniversary edition of the University's monthly newspaper Diálogo, where he has worked since its foundation. Dozens of people have republished the censored photo on their walls on Facebook and distributed the link to the 80grados story on Twitter. There has been an outpouring of solidarity and outrage.