· July, 2011

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from July, 2011

Puerto Rico: Blogger's Research on Femicides

  28 July 2011

Feminist activist and blogger Verónica RT continues her project of updating the national statistics of femicides in Puerto Rico, which do not necessarily coincide with the numbers provided by the Police. According to her research, 22 women have been murdered this year, and three more cases are under investigation [es].

Puerto Rico: Science and Ethics

  28 July 2011

Miguel Adrover discusses and contextualizes [es] governor Luis Fortuño's recent comments about the need to develop more engineers, scientists and mathematicians.  The blogger, a science teacher himself, stresses that what needs support is a scientific culture with a profound ethical commitment within an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Puerto Rico: PR Indie's LAMC Coverage

  28 July 2011

Redod, the editor of the alternative music blog Puerto Rico Indie [es], reflects on the amazing and intense coverage [es] they offered of the Latin American Music Conference (LAMC) in New York City. Check it out!

Puerto Rico: Violence Against Children

  28 July 2011

Blogger Rima Brusi writes a post full of emotion [es] on the recent case of a man who murdered his four-year old daughter in yet another incident related to domestic violence.

Puerto Rico: Bicycle Hang Out

  28 July 2011

The blogs Bicijangueo [es] and PR Fixed [es] are posting texts, videos, and audio on everything and anything related to the new urban cycling trend in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico at the Biennale

  17 July 2011

Melanie Pérez Ortiz comments on the fact that the artists [es] representing the United States at the art Biennale in Venice are based in Puerto Rico: Jennifer Allora, from the United States, and Guillermo Calzadilla, who was born in Cuba.

Caribbean: Indigenous News

  8 July 2011

Review of the Indigenous Caribbean posts a video of “a fairly elementary but well synthesized historical overview of the indigenous people of Dominica”, while The Voice of the Taino People Online notes the passing of Ricardo Alegria, “a Puerto Rican scholar known for his pioneering studies of the island's native...

Puerto Rico: Resident Sends Message to Mayor Through Blog

  7 July 2011

A polarizing figure in Puerto Rican politics, Jorge Santini is currently serving his third term as Mayor of San Juan. Blogger Giancarlo González - born and raised in the capital city San Juan, and currently residing in the historic district of Old San Juan, runs JorgeSantini.com, dedicated to improving the life of sanjuaneros by reporting on the particular issues that affect him and his neighbors, as well as those who visit the district.

Puerto Rico: High Murder Rate

  5 July 2011

“June 2011: 101 murders in one month in what is the bloodiest year to date in Our recent history”: Gil the Jenius says that “almost all the blame for this lies in a purposely-created system…”

Puerto Rico: New Online Magazine

  4 July 2011

Yasta.pr [es] is a new online magazine whose goal is “to create an outlet to thoroughly discuss, dissect and investigate daily issues that affect us all, in a serious, fair and balanced way.”

Puerto Rico: Blind Justice

  1 July 2011

Gil the Jenius cites two cases in which he thinks justice hasn't been served, saying: “You know–you really do–that the two incidents are going to end in something other than punishment. And you are right.”