· September, 2010

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from September, 2010

  24 September 2010

Historian and blogger Ivonne Acosta comments in Sin mordazas [ES] on the Department of Education's prohibition of chess in public schools in Puerto Rico, and the immediate denial of the Secretary of Education after the public uproar.

  24 September 2010

Public policy expert and blogger Sergio Marxuach recently commented that Puerto Rico's recession [ES] has already lasted 54 months, and that there seems to be no end in sight. His post is in response to the NBER‘s announcement that the US recession ended on June 2009, after 18 months: the...

  20 September 2010

Artist, blogger and journalist Carlos Antonio Otero condemns the recent censorship [ES] of political caricatures by the Electoral Commission of Puerto Rico: “Who ever said that caricatures have to be politically correct?”

  15 September 2010

Blogger Angel Carrión reflects [ES] on the recent death of Puerto Rican independence activist and leader Juan Mari Bras. Carrión lists key moments in Mari Bras’ lifelong commitment with Puerto Rico's independence from the United States.

  12 September 2010

The editorial team of the music, art and tech blog Puerto Rico Indie [es] organized a virtual “musical” round table in which writers, editors, contributors and friends recommend a song on occasion of 9/11. The videos of the songs are accompanied by short texts in which the authors explain their...

Puerto Rico: Conversation, Critique, Banter and Fun on the Net

  7 September 2010

One hundred forty characters were not enough. This is why a group of bloggers, social media savants, and pop culture junkies from Puerto Rico decided to expand the conversations they were having through Twitter. On February 11, 2010, @eldifusor, @fetoso, @joeprog, @nerdote, @redod, @reed_rothchild and a “revolving cast of online friends, followers, and collaborators” recorded the first podcast of #EnProfundo [ES] (In-depth) which is now transmitted every week.