· August, 2010

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from August, 2010

U.S. Virgin Islands: The Effects of Hurricane Earl

  31 August 2010

Hurricane Earl made its way across the U.S. Virgin Islands yesterday as bloggers continued to share their thoughts and experiences. Jamaican diaspora blogger Labrish, who “[has] been fortunate to travel to these islands several times”, was concerned about her acquaintances there: My thoughts go out to everyone living on the...

Caribbean: “Earl” Watch

  30 August 2010

It's that time again: Hurricane season. Regional bloggers, having been affected by brutal storms in the past, are keeping a watchful eye on Hurricane Earl, which has now been classified as a Category 3 storm. Within the next 36 to 48 hours, it is expected to affect the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, among other islands.

Puerto Rico: When Legalizing Abortion is not Enough

  24 August 2010

“Legalization has not been enough for poor women who, despite the formal right they have, don't have the means or the access to the clinics to carry out procedures in a safe and risk-free way,” writes [es] Érika Fontánez, as she comments on a recent screening of a documentary about...

Puerto Rico: Condoning Corruption?

  4 August 2010

“My dad used to comment wryly, We're a ‘Don't confuse Me with the facts’ kind of people”: Gil the Jenius is convinced this is one reason that Puerto Ricans “are implicitly condoning corruption.”

Puerto Rico: Lebrón Passes On

  2 August 2010

Both Repeating Islands and The Voice of the Taino People Online mark the passing of Puerto Rican nationalist and independence activist, Lolita Lebrón.