· January, 2010

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from January, 2010

Puerto Rico: Bloggers discuss Roe v. Wade

  31 January 2010

The 37th anniversary of the landmark United States Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade (January 22, 1973) spurred bloggers in Puerto Rico to express their opinions about a ruling that still sparks controversy. The decision made abortion legal in the United States, and it was extended to Puerto Rico due to the Island's political relationship with the US.

Puerto Rico: Bloggers grieve over earthquake in Haiti

  14 January 2010

Haiti should also be remembered by its history of strength and infinite resilience. Haiti was the first country in the Americas to achieve its independence. Now, more than ever, the Haitian people and Haiti, a country that has been plagued by corruption, poverty, neglect, and tragedy, must be remembered. Puerto Rican bloggers have joined in solidarity.

Puerto Rico: Three Kings Day

  8 January 2010

Gil the Jenius is disheartened that “on Three Kings Day, the traditional Puerto Rican day for sharing gifts and celebrating the (extended) joy of Christmas, the death toll by murder on My Island this year stands at 19.”

A Global Look at Anti-Corruption Day

  8 January 2010

In preparation for the coming launch of the Technology for Transparency Network, this is the first in a series of posts that will explore transparency, government accountability, and civic engagement through the eyes of the world's bloggers.

Puerto Rico: The Crime of Corruption

  5 January 2010

“Most people, when confronted with the topic of corruption in government spheres, tend to shrug it off, like it's a death in a distant neighbor's family, a common occurrence not worth thinking about”: Puerto Rico's Gil the Jenius takes a closer look.