· November, 2008

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from November, 2008

Puerto Rico: Status Quo?

  28 November 2008

“Our struggle for self-determination, to be free from outside impositions, is ideological and it is not what's best for the majority of the people who live here”: Gil the Jenius answers some tough questions about Puerto Rico's status.

Puerto Rico, U.S.A.: Gay Marriage

  12 November 2008

“When I found out California and Florida were state's #29 and #30 in the banning of same-sex marriage, I was aghast”: Puerto Rican blogger Liza says that “the problem with gay marriage is not ‘the gay’ but ‘the marriage’.”.

Puerto Rico, U.S.A.: Remembering the Dream

  6 November 2008

“Obama's father was black, his mother white. My son's mother is black and I am white. To look at Obama, President-elect Obama, is to see My son's future in a way it could never be seen before”: From Puerto Rico, Jil the Genius explains why Barack Obama's election is so...