· January, 2008

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from January, 2008

Puerto Rico: Sexual Politics

  19 January 2008

"Hey mom what’s an abortion? Have you ever had one? Um yeah, and I thought of aborting you." Puerto Rican bloggers grapple with questions of feminism, reproductive rights, and gay marriage in this round up of posts.

Caribbean: Obama in Iowa

  9 January 2008

Senator Barack Obama's astounding success in Iowa - the first of the caucuses that will ultimately result in the victorious nominee from each of the two main political parties going on to contest the 2008 US presidential election - has struck a chord with many Caribbean bloggers. Some think he's the perfect candidate for the next US president, others aren't so sure, but there's no doubt that the Senator for Illinois is giving the Caribbean blogosphere something to talk about...

Americas: End of the Year Traditions

  8 January 2008

End of the year traditions across Latin America are varied, as many include local customs, the preparation of delicious food, and plenty of loud fireworks. This is a collection of how some bloggers spent their holidays throughout the region.

Puerto Rico: Epiphany Day

  7 January 2008

The celebration of Epiphany Day causes Liza Sabater to have an epiphany of her own: “The blogosphere needs more of the cowbell that is Puerto Rico.”