· November, 2007

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from November, 2007

Caribbean: Giving Thanks

  22 November 2007

Thanksgiving may be a traditionally North American holiday - but more and more, the Caribbean seems to be taking notice - so much so that many regional bloggers have been paying a warm West Indian tribute to Thanksgiving…

Puerto Rico: Mystical Powers

  20 November 2007

The Governor of Puerto Rico may be facing indictment – leaving Dondequiera incredulous over his statement that “Puerto Ricans have mystical powers, which include seeing into the future and knowing when some injustice has been committed…I can only guess that the price for being elected is that you lose your...

Puerto Rico: Environmental Activist Turns Himself In

  19 November 2007

Puerto Rican environmental activist "Tito Kayak" turned himself in to police on November 14 after a spectacular televised escape, following a week-long protest atop a 200-foot construction crane in San Juan. He was protesting a disputed luxury development that environmentalists warn will cause serious damage to public beaches. Some Puerto Rican bloggers aren't impressed, while others look at the underlying causes that led to the protest.

Jamaica: Our Caribbean

  14 November 2007

Geoffrey Philp features Our Caribbean: “an anthology of lesbian and gay writing from across the Antilles”.

Puerto Rico: Outside the Box

  9 November 2007

As a major pharmaceutical company closes its operations on the island, Gil the Jenius recommends that Puerto Rico “think outside the box, for a welcome change”.