· March, 2007

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from March, 2007

Puerto Rico: Education

  29 March 2007

“Can We wait another 20 years to develop the world-class education We need to compete as equals on the global stage?” Gil the Jenius examines the state of Puerto Rico's education system.

Puerto Rico: Violence Ranking

  27 March 2007

Gil the Jenius is livid over a local demographer listing Puerto Rico as the 9th most violent country in the world: “I'm not here to say We are Paradise Found, or even Paradise Lost. Are We violent? Yes, We are and We have to deal with that. Are We a...

Puerto Rico: Arecibo lighthouse

  6 March 2007

imagonovus has a lovely Flickr photoset devoted to the lighthouse in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Among them is a beautiful image of this weekend's lunar eclipse.