· January, 2007

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from January, 2007

Puerto Rico: Learning English

  19 January 2007

Studies show that although English is a compulsory subject in Puerto Rican schools from elementary level upwards, only 20% of the country's population has a mastery of the language. Eugenio Martínez Rodríguez thinks he knows why.

Puerto Rico: Religion? None

  15 January 2007

Eugenio Martínez Rodríguez gives a nurse at a Puerto Rican medical centre pause (ES) when he reveals that his religion is “none”: “On the other hand, I'm almost sure that the nurse's reaction would have been similar if I had answered that I was Spiritist, Muslim or Buddhist.”

Puerto Rico: Writers who blog

  15 January 2007

Eugenio Martínez Rodríguez is pleased (ES) to see that at least one Puerto Rican writer has a blog (or two), which doesn't prevent him from offering the writer a bit of advice. In an update, Eugenio reports that the writer has responded to his critiques on his own blog.