· November, 2006

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from November, 2006

Puerto Rico: Candela Festival

  21 November 2006

The Caribbean Beat weblog posts an entertaining and opinionated report on the 2006 Candela Art and Music Festival, which took place recently in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Latin America: History of a bolero

  16 November 2006

Puerto Rican blogger GuerillaPop unveils (ES) the true story behind the famous bolero “Bodas Negras”: “Bodas Negras (o Boda Negra, as it is also called), which touches on the subject of necrophilia, is an excellent example of how the Latin American bolero can kick the butts of some goth or...

Caribbean Women's Forum

  14 November 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence points to a Radio Kiskeya news article stating (Fr): “The 2d Caribbean Women's Forum ended the evening of November 10th in Fort-de-France, Martinique with the participation of a Haitian delegation led by Feminine Condition Minister Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue … Delegations from various Caribbean countries (Guadeloupe, Dominica,...

Puerto Rico: Blogs, context & trust

  10 November 2006

Gil the Jenius heeds the call of a fellow Puerto Rican blogger and explains why people may trust local blogs more than the media: “All consistent bloggers have one thing in common: a strong need to share. In order to feed that need, the blogger must adhere to certain principles:...

Puerto Rico: Mosquito experiments

  6 November 2006

“For things like this the colony has always been useful,” says (ES) Tinta Digital, discussing a series of experiments conducted on mosquitos in poor communities in Puerto Rico by the Centers for Disease Control.