· July, 2006

Stories about Puerto Rico (U.S.) from July, 2006

Food Blog Report #26

#1: From Denmark, KristianPetersen.com and his original "Peach, chili and garlic soup with chicken" It´s essensial for a starter to have a great, not to spicy taste, to be light, and be able to make the tongue´s taste system ready for something with more taste, flavour and with more density....

Martinique: First Caribbean Social Forum

  7 July 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] is pleased (Fr) to learn that the first Caribbean Social Forum is happening in Martinique this week (July 5-9) but does not think its timing was particularly smart what with the World Cup's final taking place this weekend as well as an annual cultural fair in...

Puerto Rico: Cycle of violence

  7 July 2006

For Gil the Jenius, an incident involving the shooting of four young men by the father of a 17-year-old girl underscores the cycle of violence that is becoming more prevalent in Puerto Rico.