· November, 2011

Stories about Nicaragua from November, 2011

Nicaragua: Opposition Youth Affected by Hacktivism

  15 November 2011

In The Nicaragua Dispatch, Tim Rogerts reports that opposition youth “have discovered that trying to organize protests using social media networks such as Facebook […] can be harmful to one’s health in Nicaragua. ‘They are monitoring our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and they’ve hacked our accounts and our emails,’ says...

Nicaragua: Protesters Denounce Election Fraud

  9 November 2011

Opponents to Daniel Ortega's reelection protested on November 8 denouncing electoral fraud in the November 6 elections, as reported by El Nuevo Diario [es]. The blog Política Mente Incorrecto [es] shares links to articles, pictures, and several citizen videos of the protest.

Nicaragua: Citizens Report on Elections via #votonica

  7 November 2011

Presidential elections were held on Sunday, November 6 in Nicaragua. Through #votonica [es] and a Ushahidi-powered map [es], citizens have been reporting on the electoral process since October 21, 2011, and will continue until January 10, 2012, when President Daniel Ortega is expected to begin his third term.

Nicaragua: A Preview of the November 6 Election

  4 November 2011

Bloggings by boz previews Nicaragua's upcoming elections on Sunday, November 6. He analyzes two important points regarding President Daniel Ortega‘s reelection bid, and lists 7 things to watch for on Sunday.

Nicaragua to Host 2012 Debian Conference

  3 November 2011

Nicaragua will host the 2012 DebConf. The blog comuNIdad shares the announcement: “The conference will take place from July 8 to July 14 2012, in Managua, Nicaragua. In DebConf’s twelve-year history, this will be the first time it will be held in Central America. […] This conference will boost the...