· April, 2011

Stories about Nicaragua from April, 2011

Nicaragua: Holy Week in the Countryside

  19 April 2011

While most Nicaraguans and foreign tourists like to spend their holidays in the beach, Ronald Hill Alvarez in Sueños del Caribe [es] recommends spending the ‘Semana Santa’ (Holy Week) holidays in the countryside. He also describes how people from this region celebrate the religious holiday.

Nicaragua: Experiences of Online Citizen Participation

  9 April 2011

The web in Nicaragua is increasingly active, with projects for social events or small businesses finding niche markets to serve online. In order to learn a little more about these practices, Rodrigo Peñalba presents five videos considering the topics of tourism and the web, the social integration of migrants and people with limited resources, gender and sexual diversity and initiatives from the free software community in Nicaragua.