· November, 2010

Stories about Nicaragua from November, 2010

The Nicaragua-Costa Rica Conflict, Revisited: Part I

  17 November 2010

In a prior post, Global Voices began to cover a border dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The situation has become more complex. In this first part we review two moments of this crisis as seen from Nicaraguan and Costa Rican blogs: "Google's error", and the role of Edén Pastora, the presidential delegate for the dredging of the Rio San Juan, as a main character in the conflict.

Costa Rica: Border Conflict with Nicaragua

  6 November 2010

What began as a simple cleaning or dredging of the San Juan River, the natural border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, has resulted in a diplomatic and military conflict. After this post was written in Spanish, various sources have reported on how Google has been embroiled in the border dispute.

Google Maps and the Costa Rica-Nicaragua Border Dispute

  5 November 2010

Bloggings by boz has been covering a border dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, pointing out “various maps including maps by Google and Bing which differ as to where the border falls.” A third post explains that, “In the view of the two countries, it appears the US-based technology company...