· April, 2009

Stories about Nicaragua from April, 2009

Nicaragua: Protesting Flor de Caña Rum For Poor Working Conditions

  23 April 2009

Groups are protesting the Pellas company, which produces the Flor de Caña rum in Nicaragua because of the health problems reported by its workers said to have been caused by the pesticides used. Barricada [es] posts videos of some of these protest and speeches by some of the movement's leaders.

Nicaragua: Failure in the Use of ICTs

  8 April 2009

Even though Nicaragua was the 2nd Latin American country to get the internet, a recent 406 page study shows that it has failed to take advantage of the use of ICTs. Juan Ortega writes that Nicaraguans themselves are to blame, but provides some suggestions for initiatives for how to improve...

Nicaragua: Refusal of Entry to Club and Allegations of Racism

  3 April 2009

An Afro-Nicaraguan woman was denied entry at a nightclub in the capital city of Managua. The club states that she was not allowed to enter because of their right to refuse admission, but she alleges racism. Bloggers reflect on the case and about the presence of racism and discrimination in the country, but others think that it was an isolated incident and just part of the nightclub scene where bouncers decide who enters based on how one is dressed and other arbitrary reasons.