· July, 2008

Stories about Nicaragua from July, 2008

Nicaragua: A New Telecom Monopoly

  10 July 2008

Carlos Slim, the wealthiest man alive, bought the biggest suscription TV provider in Nicaragua. That company, ESTESA, was already a de facto monopoly in its market, and now is part of the telecom empire Slim has built in Nicaragua and includes wireless, conventional phone lines, and broadband internet service. However, service is also being seen to suffer as noted by local bloggers.

Nicaragua: Protesters Pay Visit to Former President

  8 July 2008

Protestors in Nicaragua often gather to pay personal "visits" to well-known politicians, including a recent surprise encounter with former president Arnoldo Alemán, who had been convicted of corruption charges and had been dining with his family at a local restaurant. One local blogger documented these encounters on his blog and Flickr page.

Nicaragua: Ex-Sandinistas Part of Renovation Movement

  6 July 2008

Política Nica [es] writes about the Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS) of Nicaragua and writes that it is comprised of “ex-revolutionaries combing their gray hairs and willing to swear upon institutional laws..and for many years they had been stigmatized by the right as a group of leftwingers guilty of the destabilization...