· April, 2008

Stories about Nicaragua from April, 2008

Nicaragua: The Return of Silvio Rodríguez

  28 April 2008

On the blog of Radio La Primerísima [es], Luis Enrique Godoy reviews the two concerts of Silvo Rodríguez, who returned to Nicaragua after 25 years. and he compares the contrast between the countries at both of those times.

Nicaragua: Ranking on UNDP Human Development Index

  28 April 2008

Nicaragua currently is listed 110 out of 154 countries in the United Nations Development Programme's Human Development Index. Isabel Valdez González of McDonald [es] wonders why the government does not take concrete steps to change this and compares its situation to its neighbor Costa Rica.

Nicaragua: Suspending Elections Due to Hurricane Felix

  3 April 2008

Alfredo Rivas of the Nicaraguan Report states that President Daniel Ortega is proposing to suspend local elections in order to allow regions to recover from Hurricane Felix. However, Rivas believes that Ortega may disenfranchise voters because their potential results would be unfavorable to his party.

Nicaragua: Access to the Internet

  1 April 2008

Nicaragua has the lowest rates of access to the internet in all of Central America writes Economía y Más [es]. Approximately 3 out of every 100 Nicaraguans uses the internet.