· March, 2008

Stories about Nicaragua from March, 2008

Nicaraguan: The Garbage Problem in Managua

  17 March 2008

Garbage is piling up in the Nicaraguan capital of Managua, which may lead to greater health problems. Political tensions between President Ortega and the Mayor Marenco are not helping things writes Nicaraguan Report.

Nicaragua: Retaining Customs

  11 March 2008

Many Nicaraguans are losing their customs and one of the chief culprits is globalization according to Tania Duarte. She urges others to retain some of their traditions, so that they can continue be passed on to future generations.

Nicaragua: Benefits for Ties With Iran

  11 March 2008

Alfredo Rivas, a freelance journalist, writes at his blog Nicarguan Report about the latest benefits acquired by President Daniel Ortega and Nicaragua for their ties with Iran.