· June, 2007

Stories about Nicaragua from June, 2007

Nicaragua: Why Do So Few Blog?

  20 June 2007

Nicaragua Y Su Blog [ES] wonders why so few people blog in Nicaragua? Responses came from the Nicaraguan Facebook group where some of the existing bloggers gave their thoughts on the matter.

Nicaragua: Back to Plaza de la Revolución, Again.

  14 June 2007

During recent changes in power, the ruling party often sought to cover or erase signs of the previous regimes. This included the removal of murals or renaming of famous plazas. In this case, the current Sandanista government continues the trend by renaming the main plaza back to Revolution Plaza, which is what it was called during the FSLN's first administration.

Iran:Ortega in Iran

You can see several photos of Daniel Ortega‘s trip to Tehran in Kamangir’s blog.The President of Nicaragua talked with Iranian leaders and gave a speech in the University of Tehran mentioning “the Sandanista’s revolution took over the power in 1979, the exact year that the Islamic revolution succeeded in Iran....

Nicaragua: Where's the Blogosphere?

  4 June 2007

Upon first glance, it may not appear that Nicaragua has a thriving blogosphere. However, as one digs deeper and looks across borders, there is proof that Nicaraguans in the disapora are blogging, which has allowed themselves to feel closer to their homeland.

Nicaragua: Increased Crime Against US Citizens

  4 June 2007

As a foreigner living in Nicaragua, Pensajes de Pamela summarizes the latest news in Nicaragua, and writes “There have been several high profile deaths of Americans reported here in the last several weeks in Granada and Esteli, and while there is certainly no need to panic, the U.S. Embassy reports...