· May, 2007

Stories about Nicaragua from May, 2007

Nicaragua: The Unbearable Managua Heat

  18 May 2007

Pamela describes the unbearable high temperatures in Managua in her blog Pensajes de Pamela. The tactics she uses to counteract the heat only provides temporary relief and perhaps the only thing that can alleviate things is a nice rainfall.

Nicaragua: Open Source Software, Machisimo in the Park, and an Immigration Rally

  9 May 2007

Members of the Ubuntu Group in Nicaragua recently provided a free interactive workshop on the use of open source software. Even though the event did not touch on all of the subjects that it could have, many applauded the effort as the first of its kind in Nicaragua. Other blogs discussed shameful machisimo attitudes, the use of bio-fuels, and a firsthand account of an immigration rally in the United States, where the police used excessive force.

Nicaragua: Balloons Provide Joy

  2 May 2007

On a filming assignment in the main plaza in Managua, Julia Ardón snapped a portrait of a small boy. She recalls giving to him and his friends some of the helium-filled balloons used for the shoot. The kids screamed with delight over their new found presents and something that Ardón...