· November, 2006

Stories about Nicaragua from November, 2006

Latin American Election Blogging

  23 November 2006

November is quite the electoral month in what has already been a year of elections throughout the Western Hemisphere. The month has already seen the return of Sanidinista leader, Daniel Ortega to Nicaragua's presidency. The United States – condemned by many for its influence in Nicaragua's elections – shifted to...

Nicaragua: Ortega's Stable Lukewarm Popularity

  13 November 2006

Matthew Shugart takes an interesting look at the surprising stability of Daniel Ortega's vote-getting over the past two decades. Though he won this year's election, he actually received less than his mean percentage from all previous elections.

Nicaragua: Ortega Triumphs, US Protests

  8 November 2006

Leftside takes a look at how the US reacted to Ortega's victory in Nicaragua's presidential elections. Erwin Cifuentes has lots of informative election-related links. “Goyo and Juanita” at Pura Vida take a diplomatic stance on the results while Boz gives his usual five talking points.

Nicaragua: Early Election Results

  6 November 2006

“Daniel Ortega is President again,” writes VivirLatino as the Sandinista frontrunner remains about six percentage points ahead of Eduardo Montealegre. Boz reminds readers of “el pacto” between former Presidents Aleman and Ortega which has led to the latter's plausible victory. Randy Paul gave some more background information on election eve....

Nicaragua: Elections This Weekend

  1 November 2006

Campaigning (and the consumption of alcohol) has ended in Nicaragua with Ortega in the lead, writes Erwin Cifuentes in a well-linked pre-election wrap up. Bloggings by Boz has three observations to keep in mind for on Sunday's election.