· May, 2006

Stories about Nicaragua from May, 2006

Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, US: Border Frustrations

  30 May 2006

In a summary of Latin American news, Western Hemisphere Policy Watch describes tension over the militarized border … the Costa Rica-Nicaragual border. Isopixel is upset [ES] by an offensive song posted on the website of the US anti-immigration group, the Minutemen, which calls President Vicente Fox – among other things...

Nicaragua: Protesting Sodomy Laws

  22 May 2006

Dani Santo Domingo, writing from Costa Rica, says that protesters around Latin America stood outside Nicaraguan embassies in Argentina, Chile, México, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay to speak out against the country's anti-sodomy laws. He has posted pictures from most of the protests.

Caribbean, US: Ripping off immigrants

  2 May 2006

Prompted by an article appearing the New York Times on May 1, the day of country-wide pro-immigrant demonstrations in the US , Haiti-born Nightshift thinks about the hardships that immigrants endure at the hands of those purporting to help them, and expresses hope that a project being organized by one...