· November, 2006

Stories about Mexico from November, 2006

Mexico: Three Bombs Explode in Mexico City

  6 November 2006

“Three bombs exploded in Mexico City just after midnight last night, damaging buildings but injuring no one. The bombs, which exploded between 12:03 am and 12:15 am, did significant damage to the Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federacion (TEPJF — the nation's election judges), PRI party headquarters and...

Mexico: Altar de Muertos

  3 November 2006

Eduardo of Ocho Cuartos writes jokingly about what a Monterrey Altar de Muertos [ES] would look like: “Our altar would be finely decorated with an ashtray of “the mountain city,” a replica of the faro del comercio monument, a traffic citation for $300 pesos; all of which would be above...

Mexico: Oaxaca at a Standoff

  3 November 2006

Liz Henry adds to the immense amount of commentary and analysis on the continuing violence in Oaxaca by looking at the role women and female bloggers have taken in the movement. Colin Brayton disagrees with the translated verb conjugation of a Washington Post reference to Proceso's Jorge Carrasco. Ana Maria...

Mexico: Oaxaca Protest Update

  2 November 2006

¡Pura Vida! describes a political demonstration in Monterrey in support of protesting Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca and against the use of force by federal police. Ana Maria Salazar has an update on the latest developments and Mark in Mexico has a piece by piece description of the...

Mexico: Oaxaca Update

  1 November 2006

El Blog de Rodrigo [ES], Ana Maria Salazar, El Sendero del Peje [ES], and Mark in Mexico [ES] continue their near-hourly updates on the tension in Oaxaca. Blog.com.mx draws a comparison [ES] between Apple Computer's hesitation to license its software and President Fox's decision to send in federal troops: both...