· November, 2011

Stories about Mexico from November, 2011

Mexico: Looking Beyond the Violent Portrait of Ciudad Juárez

  22 November 2011

Richard Boren in the blog Border Wars shows that there's a lot more to Ciudad Juárez than the violence portrayed in the media. “The city is becoming increasingly more isolated from the world. […] The collateral damage from Juarez's one-sided portrait in the media is enormous, and one of the...

Mexico: Netizens React to “Good Weekend” Initiative

  15 November 2011

Mexico's President Calderón has announced the "Good Weekend" initiative to boost the economy, by applying discounts in stores whilst advancing the year-end bonus for government employees. The concept has generated diverse reactions among Mexican netizens.

Mexico: Twitter User Questioned Over Controversial Tweet

  14 November 2011

A Mexican Twitter user know by his nickmane @mareoflores was summoned to clarify, apparently without an arrest warrant, a tweet published before the Interior Secretary's helicopter accident that had "foreseen" his death. Miguel Angel Guevara reports on the first Twitter reactions.

Mexico: Netizens React to Death of Interior Secretary

  11 November 2011

Fernando Blake Mora, Mexico’s Interior Minister, died today -November 11- in a helicopter crash. Twitter users immediately began discussing the accident, and in a few hours #BlakeMora and 'Secretario de Gobernación' became worldwide trending topics.

Latin America: New Online Learning Platform Oja.la

  10 November 2011

The Next Web highlights new online leaning platform Oja.la [es], which plans to offer IT courses in Spanish starting with “How to find investors for an online project” with entrepreneur Wenceslao Casares. However, as TNW explains, students have to pre-register through Facebook because Oja.la wants to “makes sure enough people...