· June, 2011

Stories about Mexico from June, 2011

Mexico: Blogosphere Analyzes the State of Mexico's Electoral Process

  23 June 2011

Mexican bloggers analyze the local electoral process in the State of Mexico looking towards the presidential succession of 2012. There are reflections about the candidates, their campaigns and proposals, but there is also a consensus in the national relevance that the election for the next Mexican governor has acquired.

E Day: Discovering Celebrities’ Favorite Words

  18 June 2011

What do singer Shakira, actor Gael Garcia Bernal, chef Ferran Adria and writer Mario Vargas Llosa have in common? They are all part of the group of 30 celebrities who have shared through video their favorite word in Spanish as part of the celebrations for E Day by the Cervantes Institute.

Mexico City's Female Cab Drivers

  15 June 2011

“It’s frustrating that there aren’t more women cab drivers in a city that’s supposedly so cosmopolitan, and in a city where women desperately need jobs. And in the larger scheme of things, it’s sad that women here need female cabbies to feel safe” writes Lesley Téllez in a post where...

Mexico: Tweeting to Save Lives

  10 June 2011

In Americas Quarterly, Arjan Shahani writes about the use of Twitter as a tool to inform “about risk zones and specific attacks in real time” through accounts like “@TrackMty, @SPSeguro and @MAGS_SP.” He explains how it works: “The person witnessing an attack tweets it to one of these accounts, which...

Mexico: Journalists’ Deaths Go Unpunished

  8 June 2011

In Mexico Unmasked, Tim Johnson says that the 66 journalists killed in 5 years in Mexico “is an abysmal record and reflects on the weakness of Mexico’s state that the killers of unarmed journalists are rarely captured and punished.”

Mexico: War-Driven Innovation in the Fight Against Organized Crime

  7 June 2011

The Theory Behind looks at “war-driven innovations that, as its name states, are those that emerge, or are catalyzed, by factors related to armed conflicts.” The blogger will be posting on innovations in the medical fields “that can emerge (or are emerging as my hypothesis suggests) during Mexico’s war against...

Mexico: Oaxaca Teachers on Strike Return to Classrooms

  6 June 2011

Aguachile reports that “After almost two weeks of demonstrations, the “dissident” Sección 22 of the SNTE teachers union […] returned to the class rooms today, Monday. In one of Mexico's absolute poorest states, with educational attainment at rock bottom, the teachers left the 1.4 million or so students without a...

Mexico: Afro-Mexicans Protest After Death of Nigerian Immigrant

  2 June 2011

Daniel Hernandez in La Plaza explains the case of Nigerian immigrant Isaac Chinedu that “has led to demonstrations among Mexico City's African and Afro-Mexican communities, which are laying blame on the police officers who allegedly beat the 29-year-old before he apparently ran into traffic on a busy highway.”

Mexico: Documentary ‘Barrios, Beats, and Blood’

  1 June 2011

Daniel Hernandez, in his blog Intersections, posts “Barrios, Beats, and Blood”, a shot documentary on the hip-hop scene in Ciudad Juárez which “offers a direct window into the worldview of youth in a U.S.-Mexico border city that is drowning in death”.