· May, 2011

Stories about Mexico from May, 2011

Mexico: Blood Fountains

  30 May 2011

During the last weekend of May 2011, activists from the movement "Let's stop the bullets, let's paint the fountains" stained the water of a famous statue in Mexico City blood red. Participants walked around the monument shouting slogans like "Not one more dead!" and "Out Calderón!"

Mexico: Consensus on Disapproval of TV Series: ‘The Team’

  27 May 2011

Mexican bloggers share their disapproval of the television series "The Team" ("El Equipo") that seeks to glorify the country's Federal Police. The series is set to be removed from the air on May 27, 2011, after signs that its transmission disturbed not only the audience but also high commanders of the army.

Mexico: Teacher Protests in Oaxaca Continue

  25 May 2011

“Fourteen thousand schools shut down in Oaxaca. 1.3 million students left without school, as their teachers are continuing their actions against the state government of Oaxaca, protests that appear increasingly radical,” Aguachile reports.

World Economy: Women Weigh in on Poverty, Work and Debt

  25 May 2011

The International Museum of Women's online exhibit on women and the economy, features slideshows, podcasts, videos and essays on women from countries such as Sudan, Denmark, Philippines, USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina and how they view issues such as poverty, business, family, rights, money and much more.

Mexico: First Woman Drug Cartel Leader

  25 May 2011

A Mexican woman is believed to have become the head of the “Arellano Felix” Cartel, which operates in Tijuana, northern Mexico. Her name is Enedina Arellano Felix, and according to the blog Mundo Narco [es], Enedina is an “intelligent, mechanical and discrete woman in charge”.

Technology for Transparency: Final Report

  22 May 2011

The Technology for Transparency Network is proud to announce the release of its final report, "Global mapping of technology for transparency and accountability". The report is being published by the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (@TAInitiative) along with a over a dozen other reports on the global transparency movement.

Mexico: President Felipe Calderon´s Twitter Use

  19 May 2011

Pepe Flores [es], writer for ALT1040 [es], reflects on how President Felipe Calderon has used Twitter since he first joined. He points that the Presidency sees sees this medium as a way to inform citizens [es], but not to initiate or participate in conversations that are critical of his performance.

Mexico: Teachers March on National Teachers Day

  17 May 2011

Aguachile reports: “During the National Teachers Day in Mexico this Sunday, more than 10,000 teachers, most of them from the dissident teacher union Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE), not to be confused with the SNTE, marched in Mexico City demanding that [Elba Esther] Gordillo resign.”

Mexico: Day 3: Thousands of Zapatistas Join National ‘March for Peace’

  11 May 2011

During its third day, thousands of Zapatistas joined the national march for peace, justice and dignity, denouncing the violence created by the War on Drugs. Protesters also met many of the families that are claiming justice for their killed or missing loved ones. Global Voices author Geraldine Juárez spoke to some of these participants.

Latin America: Policy Journal Highlights Latin American Innovators

  11 May 2011

Americas Quarterly, a policy journal and magazine “dedicated to policy analysis and debate of economics, finance, social development, and politics in the Western Hemisphere”, profiles young innovators “in politics, business, civil society, and the arts”. In its latest issue, the magazine highlights a political innovator from Mexico, a civics innovator...

Mexico: Day 2 of #marchanacional: Protesters Enter Mexico City

  11 May 2011

As previously reported on Global Voices, on May 5, 2011, Mexican citizens started a 'march for peace' denouncing the violence caused by the 'War on Drugs'. On its second day, the silent caravan of the #marchanacional (national march) continued on its way to El Zócalo in downtown Mexico City. Bloggers and Twitter users actively reported on the second day of the march, showing support and distributing information.

Mexico: Images From May 8 ‘March for Peace’

  10 May 2011

Freelance photographer Michael Lettieri shares pictures of Mexico's ‘march for peace’ in his blog: “Traumatized by gruesome massacres of northbound immigrants and senseless crossfire killings, Mexican society has begun to push back against government policies. On Sunday [May 8], a march for peace arrived in the zocalo, waving white flags...

Global Blogging Competition on Water Issues

The European Journalism Centre has launched a three month international blogging competition focusing on water issues called TH!NK5. Bloggers from 40 different countries joined the contest, aiming to win the final prize: a trip to Lisbon, Portugal. Here are some of the most popular and original posts written by some of the winners.

Mexico: Citizens on Alert Over National Security Law Reform

  7 May 2011

Mexican citizens are on alert over a reform to the National Security Law. After much pressure, the project is now on hold. According to human right groups, political annalists, lawyers and even some politicians, the reform would legalize the abuses of the army against civilians in the name of national security.

Mexico: Day 1 of Peaceful Protest Against Drug War Violence

  6 May 2011

On Thursday May 5, 2011, a national protest (#marchanacional on Twitter) kicked off in Cuernavaca, Morelos, a city 80 kilometers (around 50 miles) away from Mexico City. The participants en route to the capital in a peaceful walk will be received on Sunday, May 8, with a massive peaceful demonstration against the violence generated by the War on Drugs.

Mexico Prepares for Massive National Protest on May 8

  5 May 2011

Next Sunday May 8, 2011, Mexican citizens will march to demand the end of the "War on Drugs." Thirty one cities in Mexico, in nearly all its states, have already scheduled protests. International cities like Berlin, London, Hamburg, Río de Janeiro, New York, Montreal and Barcelona are also participating.