· February, 2011

Stories about Mexico from February, 2011

Mexico: Achievements and Challenges for Artisan Women

  23 February 2011

Adele Hammond writes about artisan women in a village outside Oaxaca: “[…] the women we work with are committed to creating better lives for themselves and their children, despite the challenges of sometimes not having enough to eat or sufficient money to pay for their children’s needs. The BEST part...

Mexico: Activist's House Set on Fire in Ciudad Juárez

  18 February 2011

Ciudad Juárez, en la sombra del narcotráfico [es] (“Ciudad Juárez, in the shadow of drug trafficking”) reports that on February 16, Malú García Andrade's house was set on fire. Malú is an activist against femicides and human trafficking. Her mother, Norma Andrade, is a co-founder of the non-profit “May our...

Mexico: Journalist Carmen Aristegui to Return to MVS Radio

  16 February 2011

Aguachile reports: “In a joint communique, MVS Radio and Carmen Aristegui announced that the journalist will be back at the radio station the coming Jan. 21″ and wonders “if we'll ever know more about what led to her dismissal: Was any pressure coming from the presidential office of Felipe Calderón,...

Mexico: Journalist Carmen Aristegui Fired

  7 February 2011

Twitter is abuzz with the news that journalist Carmen Aristegui was fired from MVS Noticias [es]. Clases de Periodismo [es] reports netizens speculate she was fired for asking if President Felipe Calderón has a problem with alcohol. Journalist Lydia Cacho reports on Twitter [es] that Aristegui's staff say she refused...

Global: Thoughts on interfaith harmony and world peace

  5 February 2011

In this, the first, World Interfaith Harmony Week, people from all faiths have been getting together to forget about differences and promote religious tolerance and dialogue based on the mantras "Love of God and love of one's neighbour" or "love of the good and love of one's neighbour". Worldwide bloggers share views on why this dialogue is so important – and why it is not impossible to achieve it.

Mexico: Día de la Candelaria and Tamales

  3 February 2011

Lesley Téllez in The Mija Chronicles writes about Día de la Candelaria, “a Catholic holiday that honors the purification of the Virgin Mary. It’s also an important day for eating tamales. The holiday is a follow-up to Three Kings Day on Jan. 6.” She includes a recipe for strawberry tamales.

Blogger asks: “Could instability spread to Latin America?”

  1 February 2011

Considering the recent and ongoing events in Tunisia and Egypt, Bloggings by boz asks: “If it is a crisis year, what would it mean for Latin America?”. Boz goes over several points to answer this question and opens up a thread to discuss Latin American stability with readers.

Mexican Ambassador in London Demands Apology From BBC

  1 February 2011

In Mexico Unmasked, Tim Johnson reports: “[…]‘outrageous,’ ‘vulgar,’ ‘inexcusable,’ ‘offensive,’ ‘xenophobic’ and ‘humiliating.’ Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora used those words in a public letter demanding that the BBC apologize for what he said was highly offensive commentary on the Top Gear program seen Sunday night, built around a supposed Mexican...