· August, 2010

Stories about Mexico from August, 2010

Mexico: Fleeing Monterrey

  30 August 2010

Hernando y la Silla writes [es] about why people are leaving Monterrey, a city that “has become the center of the conflict between the various criminal gangs.”

Latin America: Blogging at Los Superdemokraticos

  30 August 2010

Coinciding with several Bicentennial Independence celebrations in Latin America, from June to October 2010 German and Latin American bloggers [es] will be writing for Los Superdemokraticos about their “daily lifes [sic] in international political contexts.” Posts are published in German and Spanish; five texts are translated into English each month.

Mexico: Elementary Public Schools Connected to the Internet

  24 August 2010

Eduardo Zeind reports [es] that Secretary of Education, Mario Delgado Carrillo, announced that Mexico City is the first capital city in Latin America to connect all of its elementary school children to the Internet. Eduardo writes: “More than 6000 computers will be installed to cover 100% of elementary public schools...

Mexico: Miss Universe 2010 Gets All the Attention on Twitter

  24 August 2010

Miss Mexico 2010, Jimena Navarrete, won this year's Miss Universe contest. Mexican Twitter users expressed enthusiasm for Navarrete's victory; however, some criticized the amount of attention the event was getting compared to other, more important issues. Navarrete also tweeted, thanking everyone for their support.

Mexico: Parents to be Reminded About Vaccinations through SMS

  18 August 2010

Health officials will send parents text messages reminding them about the date, time and place where their children can be vaccinated. Ximena Vega explains [es] that health officials aim to reduce infant mortality rate through this initiative. She adds that the geographical scope of the SMS campaign and its official...

Mexico: Adoption Rights for Same-Sex Couples

  17 August 2010

Pepe Flores writes [es] about the Supreme Court's decision to uphold a law which allows same-sex couples to adopt children. He calls the ruling, “A great triumph for the LGBT community in our country, and in general, for all civil society.”

Mexico: Citizen video and Drug Trafficking

  10 August 2010

Mexican bloggers debate whether citizen videos and pictures showing graphic violent crimes are an answer to what some say is the mass media's resistance to cover drug trafficking related violence or if it is just another way to spread fear and terror.

Mexico: Sin Lugar Online Event

  2 August 2010

Ernesto Priego is the primary organizer of the Sin Lugar event, which he describes as “a Twitter-centred online anti-conference,” where Mexican twitterers can gather to discuss topics related to internet, digital culture, citizenship, among others. In his blog Butterfly Hunt, he describes how the event works and how people can...