· September, 2009

Stories about Mexico from September, 2009

Mexico: Shooting at Balderas Metro Station

  20 September 2009

A man opened fire at a Mexico City Metro Station killing 2 people, including one civilian attempting to subdue the gunman. The video soon appeared on television and many began calling the men heroes for their actions.

Mexico: Spreading the Message of Islam

  17 September 2009

According to recent Census figures, there are 25,000 Muslims in Mexico, which represents .02% of the population. However, this community is using advertisements on public transportation and digital media to help spread their message.

Mexico: Recent Explosions Around Capital

  17 September 2009

El Nahual of México para los Mexicanos [es] takes a look at some of the recent explosions around Mexico City. He writes that no one knows with certainty the motive, but points to a message found the 2nd explosion calling for a halt to the construction of the new “megaprison.”