· August, 2009

Stories about Mexico from August, 2009

Mexico: Anniversary of Fall of Aztec Empire

  17 August 2009

On August 13, Jesús Chairez commemorates the 488th anniversary of the fall of the Aztec empire in Mexico by visiting Tlatelolco, also known as the Plaza of Three Cultures, which is the site where Emperor Cuauhtémoc was defeated by the Spainards.

Mexico: The Effect of the Victory of the U.S.

  15 August 2009

Mac of El Rincón No Poético [es] is not impressed by Mexico's 2-0 football win against the United States. He would be content if the win would solve some of Mexico's problems such as defeating narcotrafficking or speeding up work on the Metro's Line 12.

Mexico: Telling Secrets on Twitter

  11 August 2009

Rafa Saavedra is a connosseiur of underground culture from Tijuana, México. In an interview, he tells about his most recent project combining Twitter and the telling of secrets.

Mexico: Narcotrafficker Arrested During Church Service

  5 August 2009

One of Mexico's biggest drug deals Miguel Angel Beraza Villa, also known as “La Troca” was arrested during a church service in Michoacan. The Mex Files writes that the apprehension during a Quinceañera service appeared by some to be “an attack on Mexican tradition” and provides some historical background on...