· July, 2009

Stories about Mexico from July, 2009

Mexico: The Santa Fe District

  30 July 2009

The Mexico City district of Santa Fe is “Mexico's Dubai” and characterized by its commercialization boom and high-end shopping, but which is also surrounded by many of the city's slums writes Daniel Hernandez of Intersections.

Mexico: The Subway Economy

  27 July 2009

Lesley Téllez of the Mija Chronicles [es] takes a look at the “subway economy” and those vendors who ride the trains with the hope of selling products to passengers.

Mexico: A New Stadium for Monterrey?

  7 July 2009

Is the new International Stadium in Monterrey, Mexico a done deal? asks Regio Blogs [es]. Even though there has not been much announcement about the construction project, there are reports that the new stadium will be inaugurated in 2011.

Mexico: The Campaign to Protect the Vote

  4 July 2009

"Cuidemos el voto" [“Let’s protect the vote”] is a project that plans to protect the votes of Mexicans during the July 5 election from “old enemies”: violence, false IDs, damage to ballot boxes and other obstacles to reach transparent elections. Its weapon? Text messages, Twitter and the web.

Mexico: Null Ballots and Low Turnout Expected on Election Day

  3 July 2009

July 5 is election day in Mexico. More than 600 positions for public officials are up for grabs. However, there are estimates that more than 70% of citizens will abstain from voting and almost 10% will turn in a null ballot. Several online movements are leading the way to encourage this type of protest.

Mexico: The Zapatista “Brand” and Tourism in Chiapas

  2 July 2009

The Mex Files notes that the state of Chiapas, Mexico receives 4 million tourists per year; 25% mention that they were drawn by the Zapatista rebels, which are best identified by their spokesperson Rafael Sebastián Guillén Vicente, also known as Subcomandante Marcos.