· June, 2009

Stories about Mexico from June, 2009

Mexico: Water Shortages Affecting Nearly 2 Million Residents

  17 June 2009

Nearly two millions of citizens have been affected by the recent reduction of the water service in the Valley of Mexico. The Cutzamala System, which manages 20% of the drinking water for the valley, is not working at full capacity and cannot supply its own region, several districts, and municipalities from the Federal District and the State of Mexico. Water supply shortage will affect people every weekend for an indefinite amount of time.

Latin America: The Problem of Child Labor – Part II

  11 June 2009

Child labor is a sad reality in Latin America, and often many residents throughout the region become so used to seeing working children that they don't even realize it. Awareness campaigns and other steps are being taken to change all of this. In observance of the World Day Against Child Labor 2009, which will be held on June 12, members of the Global Voices Latin American team helped to find related blog posts and links about this issue in their own countries for part two in this two part series

Mexico: Mourning for the Children Who Died in Daycare Fire

  9 June 2009

Ana Maria Salazar is reporting from Hermosillo, Mexico where 43 children died in a fire at a day care facility. She writes about those who gathered at a mass to mourn this loss [es].She also asks, “how can this be avoided so that it won't happen again?”

Mexico: Young Graffiti Writers Arrested in Monterrey

  2 June 2009

Thirteen boys from the metropolitan area of Monterrey, city at the North of México, were sent to prison after of 300 young graffiti “writers” made an “attack” to an overpass in one of the busiest avenues in the city, using Fotolog and websites as their main way of organization. The incident raised questions whether or not the punishment was excessive and about the role of grafitti in urban art.